China News Service, Chengdu, January 30 (Reporter He Shaoqing Wang Peng) "Accelerate the promotion of digital transformation in all areas of the economy and society, and create a new growth pole for the digital economy." On the 30th, Huang Qiang, Acting Governor of Sichuan Province, attended the 13th People's Congress of Sichuan Province. When the fourth meeting of the Congress made a report on the work of the government, it put forward this Sichuan development goal during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

  This is the fourth consecutive year that the term "digital economy" has been included in the Sichuan Provincial Government Work Report.

In the past five years, Sichuan has vigorously promoted economic transformation and upgrading, with an average annual growth of 7% in regional GDP.

Half of the world's notebook computer chips are packaged and tested in Sichuan, and 50% of the world's Apple tablet computers are produced in Sichuan. The development of the digital economy has entered the "fast lane".

  In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Sichuan will accelerate the innovation and development of the digital economy.

Build a national digital economy innovation and development pilot zone, cultivate about 5 digital economy development pilot demonstration zones and about 10 digital economy industry demonstration parks.

  Huang Qiang said that Sichuan will implement the digital economy empowerment upgrade project to promote the integration and development of new generation information technologies such as 5G, big data, blockchain, and ultra-high-definition with traditional industries, and promote the development of the entire industry chain of "chip-screen-end soft intelligent network".

  Sichuan will build the Chengdu National New Generation Artificial Intelligence Innovation Development Pilot Zone, create a national industrial Internet integration development demonstration zone, promote the construction of digital agriculture pilot projects, and explore the establishment of a 6G communication test site.

  In addition, Sichuan will also create digital application scenarios such as smart medical care, smart health care, smart transportation, smart cultural tourism, smart air traffic control, inclusive finance, network audio-visual and other digital application scenarios to cultivate new digital applications.

Establish and improve the statistical evaluation system of the digital economy to strengthen data security.