Prime Minister Jean Castex.


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An additional effort for priority territories.

The government announced Thursday the deployment of two billion additional euros for the urban renewal of priority neighborhoods, on the eve of an interministerial city committee chaired by Jean Castex.

This new envelope, which brings the allocation of the National Urban Renewal Agency to 12 billion euros, will be officially unveiled on Friday during a visit by the Prime Minister to Grigny (Essonne), where this Committee will be held. in the presence of several ministers.

It should be used in particular to "unblock projects awaiting funding, including large neighborhoods in Marseille or Ile-de-France," said Matignon.

A budget already doubled during the five-year term

It corresponds exactly to the demand formulated this week by the Social Union for Housing (USH), which brings together everyone in low-income housing, "to improve the living conditions of residents in the short and medium term".

These two billion will not however be entirely disbursed by the State, since a large part of the ANRU funds come from Action Logement, the former 1% housing managed by employers and unions.

But, while the ANRU budget had already increased from 5 to 10 billion during the five-year term, this acceleration intends to mark the consideration given to the priority districts of the city (QPV), hard hit by the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

1% of the recovery plan dedicated to disadvantaged neighborhoods

In this context, Jean Castex had already promised that at least 1% of the recovery plan - or one billion euros - would be intended for disadvantaged neighborhoods, which he will reaffirm on Friday.

By peeling "line by line" the recovery plan, the government has established that 810 million euros of professional integration measures will benefit QPV, or 300 million for the energy renovation of buildings.

In all, Jean Castex will unveil 15 measures this Friday, affecting security, housing, education or employment.

It will be a question, for example, of indicating the names of the communes retained for the 7 “districts of republican reconquest” still pending, where 180 police and gendarmes will arrive as reinforcements.

Some 300 mediators and as many specialized educators will also be sent to the QPVs.

On the education component, the Prime Minister will announce the renewal of the “learning holidays” and “summer quarters” schemes, from which a million young people have benefited in 2020. And he will detail the list of 46 new “educational cities”, in addition to the existing 80, which aim to improve school success in neighborhoods.


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