Airline KLM canceled two flights to China on Thursday due to the country's corona test regime. claimed on Thursday that KLM will stop flying to the country completely, but that is not the case, said a spokesman.

The flights have been canceled because the Chinese authorities have demanded since Thursday that the flight crew must show a double negative corona test.

It is a PCR test, combined with a rapid test.

KLM has canceled two flights on Thursday as a result of the measure: a passenger flight and a cargo flight.

The airline has not canceled any flights yet.

A spokesperson said that KLM is examining per flight whether they can leave the runway.

It is not the first time that KLM has been confronted with a double corona test requirement.

Such a measure has now also been introduced in the Netherlands, which has led to threats from the airline.

KLM said, among other things, that it no longer wanted to fly intercontinental with such a test obligation, because the company would then have to leave staff behind in a possible positive test.

The airline has now reached an agreement on a rapid test protocol.

Earlier this week, KLM was forced to cancel around 200 flights as a result of the flight ban to the most risky corona areas: the United Kingdom, South Africa and South America.