China News Service, January 27th. Zhao Chenxin, Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission and spokesperson, said on the 27th that in order to ensure supply and price stabilization during the Spring Festival, the National Development and Reform Commission has conducted research, arrangements and deployments with relevant departments to guide local adjustments. Optimize transportation control measures, clear transportation jams, guide and support logistics and express companies to increase manpower and transportation capacity, ensure normal online shopping and distribution, and ensure that residents' lives are not affected; at the same time, advocate the daily business hours of community and rural retail outlets during the Spring Festival holiday No less than 8 hours.

Data map: A courier in Shijiazhuang puts the express items into the receiving container.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Hao

  Zhao Chenxin pointed out that there are five detailed arrangements to ensure the supply of living materials and energy supply to ensure that the basic living needs of the people during the Spring Festival are better met.

  First, coordinate production and supply.

Guide large and medium-sized cities to effectively organize the production of vegetables, especially fast-growing leafy vegetables, sprouts and other vegetables that many people want to eat during the Spring Festival, smooth the transportation of live pigs and related products, and actively connect with foreign sources to ensure adequate supply in the holiday market, while also ensuring good protection Coal, electricity, oil and gas supply.

  Second, strengthen the precise adjustment of reserves.

In recent years, we have done a lot of work on reserves. The next step is to guide localities to comprehensively sort out and enrich the scale of important livelihood commodity reserves, continue to put in the central frozen pork reserve, and organize the orderly storage of winter and spring vegetable reserves in large northern cities, and timely release according to the situation Small packages of finished grains and refined oil.

Make overall plans to strengthen the dispatch guarantee for gas use in the north and power use in the south, and increase coal storage in key areas and power plants.

  Third, smooth transportation and distribution networks.

With regard to transportation, the comrades from the Ministry of Transport have just mentioned relevant arrangements.

Here I would like to briefly emphasize that under the premise of preventing and controlling the epidemic, our multiple departments will jointly guide various localities to adjust and optimize transportation control measures, clear transportation congestion points, guide and support logistics and express companies to increase manpower and transportation capacity, and ensure networks Shopping and delivery are normal to ensure that residents' lives are not affected.

  Fourth, ensure normal sales channels.

Guide all kinds of agricultural and sideline product wholesale markets, farmer's markets, supermarket stores and fresh food e-commerce companies to supply daily necessities to jointly organize the supply of goods during the Spring Festival.

Now, these companies are preparing sufficient commercial inventory and leaving a certain amount of surplus.

At the same time, it is advocated that retail outlets in communities and villages should be open for no less than 8 hours during the Spring Festival holiday.

  Fifth, strengthen the protection of people's livelihood.

Urge all localities to earnestly implement the linkage mechanism that links social assistance and security standards with rising prices, and promptly initiate and issue temporary price subsidies in full.

Actively cooperate with market supervision departments to strengthen market inspections, severely crack down on hoarding, collusion to increase prices and other behaviors, and jointly maintain market order and market stability.

  "Through these measures, the supply of living materials and energy can be guaranteed, and the people's lives and their lives during the Chinese New Year will be guaranteed very well." Zhao Chenxin said.