Shinsei Bank, a major bank, has announced that it will form a business alliance with Monex, Inc., a major online securities company, in the securities business, including the sale of investment trusts.

The aim is to strengthen the customer base by combining the networks of banks and securities companies.

According to the announcement, the two companies have reached a basic agreement to form a business alliance in the field of securities business for individuals.

According to this, in January 2022, Shinsei Bank's investment trust account will be transferred to Monex, Inc. so that users can receive the services of Monex, Inc.

On top of that, Shinsei Bank will be in charge of selling investment trusts through the counters of 24 stores nationwide, and Monex, Inc. will manage the securities accounts of bank customers.

Banks will be able to sell not only investment trusts but also various financial products through online securities, while securities will acquire about 410,000 accounts, aiming to strengthen their customer base.

Regarding cooperation between banks and securities companies, Nomura Securities is affiliated with regional banks Awa Bank and San-in Godo Bank, and SBI Holdings, which owns a securities company, invests in regional banks such as Fukushima and Shimane. The movement to join hands is spreading beyond the barriers of.