Dozens of tons of American-made eggs are getting off the plane arriving in Incheon.

It was an emergency airlift by the government, and it was imported urgently as the amount of egg prices soared as the scale of killings increased due to highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Reporter Lee Seong-hoon reports whether the supply of eggs will be breathless before the Lunar New Year.

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notice was posted on the egg counter in a hypermarket, saying that the quantity of eggs was insufficient due to highly pathogenic avian influenza.

[Lee Seong-ja/Seoul Jung-gu: Usually, about 5,000 won per plate


7,000 won and 8,000 won.]

[Han Myung-ok/Seoul Yongsan-gu: If you don't have one, eggs come first.

Because it rises too much.

I can't even speak.

When I sleep overnight, it jumps 1,000 won.]

Some marts limit sales per person.

As of the 22nd of this month, the price of an egg was 6,610 won, an increase of 24.8% from last year, and the price of production area surged to 45.8%.

As the price of eggs fluctuated, the government first took measures to waive tariffs on eight items, including fresh eggs and processed eggs, by June.

[Hongnamgi / Deputy Prime Minister (last 20 days): I want to temporarily apply the urgency assigned duties to allow duty-free imports to a total of 50,000 tons for the eggs -

temporary duty exemption is supply insecurity solved, wanting to see it, the American Egg Emergency airlift by plane.

At the request of the government, Asiana Airlines has imported about 100 tons of US eggs from the Chicago-Incheon route on the 21st.

Since last October, the number of chickens and ducks killed with highly pathogenic AI has exceeded 21 million.

As the scale of killings increased, the price of not only eggs but also chicken and duck meat rose 14.9% compared to last year and 18.1% higher than last year, threatening table prices ahead of the Chinese New Year.

(Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol, VJ: Jung Min-gu)