Last year, the number of laptop computers shipped in Japan increased by more than 25% from the previous year, the highest number since 1993 when we started collecting statistics in the current form.

It is believed that the spread of telework due to the influence of the new coronavirus and the acceleration of the deployment of personal computers in elementary and junior high schools.

According to JEITA = Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, which is made by electronics manufacturers, the number of personal computers shipped in Japan last year was 10.45 million, 7.4% higher than the previous year, and increased for the third consecutive year.

Of these, the number of notebook computers increased by 25.1% from the previous year to 8,945,000, the highest number since 1993 when statistics were first collected in the current form.

Industry groups have analyzed that the rapid spread of telework and the accelerated deployment of personal computers used by children and students in elementary and junior high schools due to the effects of the new coronavirus.