Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client reported on January 26 that the Hang Seng Index opened 0.88% lower to 29,892.85 points; the state-owned enterprise index fell 0.64% to 11884.35 points; the red chip index fell 0.39% to 4,059.73 points; the market turnover was HK$6.634 billion.

Blue chip stock market

  In terms of blue chip stocks, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell 3.25% to HK$535.000, leading the decline in blue chip stocks.

Tencent Holdings fell 2.8% to 745.000 Hong Kong dollars; Meituan-W fell 2.3% to 390.600 Hong Kong dollars; Innovative Technology Industry fell 1.66% to 124.700 Hong Kong dollars; CSPC fell 1.3% to 8.370 Hong Kong dollars.


  On the disk, other financial, Internet services, automobiles, precious metals, food additives and other five sectors were among the top decliners. Among them, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange fell 5.97% to HK$520.000 and other financial sectors led the decline.

North-South capital flow

  From the perspective of the north-south capital flow of the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as of press time, the net inflow of southbound funds was 8.535 billion yuan, of which the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow was 7.805 billion yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 34.195 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect net inflow was 730 million yuan. The fund balance is 41.27 billion yuan.

  The net inflow of northbound funds was 316 million yuan, of which the Shanghai Stock Connect net inflow was 128 million yuan, the fund balance on the day was 51.872 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Connect net inflow was 188 million yuan, and the fund balance on the day was 51.812 billion yuan.

AH stock list

  In terms of AH stocks, 10 stocks including COSCO Marine Energy, Goldwind Technology, Chenming Paper, Baiyunshan, Flat Glass, China Merchants Bank, Kanglong Chemical, Zhejiang Shibao, Dongfang Electric, Great Wall Motor, etc. rose among the top; BYD shares , Zijin Mining, Hisense Home Appliances, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery, Minsheng Bank, CRRC, COSCO Shipping Holdings, Kangsino Bio-B, Agricultural Bank, Dalian Port and other 10 stocks were among the top decliners.

Active stocks on the Main Board and ChiNext

  On the main board, Yunzhihui Technology rose 15% to HK$0.920, Raisecom Group rose 14.85% to HK$0.232, Baiao Family Interactive rose 14.65% to HK$1.800, China Shengmu rose 14.63% to HK$0.940, and Star Commercial rose 14.65% to HK$0.940. 13.99% reported 4.400 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks with the highest gains; China Jinmao fell 13.12% to 3.310 Hong Kong dollars, China Aerospace Wanyuan fell 5.23% to 0.145 Hong Kong dollars, Yuanda Construction fell 4.82% to 15.000 Hong Kong dollars, Bohai Bank fell 4.4% to 4.350 Hong Kong dollars , Nanxuan Holdings fell 4.35% to 0.440 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks fell among the top.

The top companies in terms of turnover are Tencent Holdings, Alibaba-SW, Xingsheng Commercial, Meituan-W, and Baiao Family Interactive.

  On the Growth Enterprise Market, Badibey rose 14.04% to HK$0.650, China's coal-bed methane rose 12.5% ​​to HK$0.027, Junbaiyan Group rose 6.85% to HK$0.078, Peiran Environmental rose 5.26% to HK$0.060, and Sinopharm shares rose 4.17% reported 0.250 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks rose among the top.

The top rankings in terms of turnover are China Youzan, Tianhong Cultural & Creative, Bady Bay, COOL LINK, and Extraordinary China.

Warrants and CBBCs

  The top CBBCs in terms of turnover are the Hang Seng Index Societe Generale 16 Bear Z, the Hang Seng Index Ruitong 14 Bear P, the Hang Seng Index Bank of China 14 Bear G, the Hang Seng Credit Suisse 14 Bear J, and the HSI Haitong 15 Bear. B.

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