China News Service, Beijing, January 26th, title: China's expansion of opening up "three cities in succession" is unusual

  China News Agency reporter Li Xiaoyu

  From the signing of the "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement" (RCEP) to the completion of the China-EU Investment Agreement negotiations, to the signing of the Free Trade Agreement upgrade protocol with New Zealand, China's high-level opening to "three consecutive cities" in just over two months.

The rapid progress and high quality are impressive.

  At a critical moment of the global war epidemic, when the world economy is in deep recession and the prospects are uncertain, these results are of extraordinary significance.

  This is an effective help for China to form a new development pattern.

  At present, building a new development pattern in which the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other has become a major strategic task related to the overall development of China.

  By building a global high-standard free trade zone network, shaping China’s new advantages in participating in international cooperation and competition will help to improve the efficiency and level of the domestic cycle through the international cycle, and promote China’s domestic industries to use the global market and global resources to "upper" One floor".

  This is a strong proof of China's determination to open up.

No matter how the outside world "crosses the sea", China will unswervingly do its own thing and expand its opening up.

  China has stated on different occasions that it will always support economic globalization, firmly implement the basic national policy of opening up, and promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation.

A series of recent actions have even shown that the more menacing anti-globalization, the more China will stick to the path of globalization; the more trade and investment protectionism rises, the more China will accelerate its opening up.

No matter how the international situation changes, China will always base itself on itself, embrace the world, and survive and develop with an open mind.

  As the only major economy that has achieved positive growth under the epidemic, China's insistence on opening up will not only benefit itself, but will also create new opportunities and inject new impetus into the recovery and growth of the world economy, and become the "stabilizer" and "ballast" of the global economy. stone".

  This is the best response to "de-globalization" and closure and decoupling.

  A vast accommodation space has always been an indispensable necessity for economic growth.

In the face of the Great Recession that has not been seen in decades, artificially erecting high walls and cutting off the free flow of trade, investment, and technology will only further squeeze the normal economic and trade cooperation between the country and the country, and the economic recovery will be even worse.

  Only by adhering to multilateralism, strengthening open cooperation, and building an open world economy are the correct options to deal with the global economic dilemma.

  Under the epidemic, major cooperation achievements between China and major economic and trade partners have been frequently produced, which shows that all parties have a full consensus on this point. It also shows that mutual benefit and win-win results are still the trend of the world and the aspirations of the people.

  Only by following the general trend can a major event be achieved.

There is reason to believe that with China’s efforts, the voices and strengths for solidarity and cooperation will grow stronger and promote the world’s early spring return.