China News Service, January 25. Longzhou County, Guangxi, located on the border of China and Vietnam, is the hometown of the Red Eight Army, rich in natural and historical and cultural tourism resources; Danjiangkou City, Hubei, the core water source area of ​​the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Diversion, the fourth batch of "green water and green mountains" It is the practice and innovation base of "Jinshan Yinshan"; Yunxi County, Hubei, located in the northwest of Hubei, "Yunxi Qixi Festival" is a representative project of national intangible cultural heritage; Tiandeng County, Guangxi, Tiandeng Zhuang means "stone erection", The unique karst landform has created the beauty of Xu Xiake's "pink peaks gathered like forests".

From the border of southern Xinjiang to the Qinba mountainous area, these four counties and cities are also national-level impoverished counties designated by China Life for assistance. They have been poverty alleviated in August 2018, April 2019, April 2020, and May 2020. cap.

  In order to record some comprehensive poverty alleviation stories through video, but also to explore the changes in poverty alleviation brought about by the long-term work mechanism of China Life's "Poverty Alleviation Insurance" project.

Starting from October 2020, China Life and People's Daily Online entered Hubei Jingui. It took 13 days to shoot, drove more than 3750 kilometers, and interviewed 29 people, including rural teachers, volunteers for teaching support, left-behind students, villagers, returning home entrepreneurs, e-commerce Operations, business managers, hospital directors, patients, poverty alleviation cadres, government department heads, etc., finally launched a short film "Together for the better", recording the story of the fight against poverty, and dedicated to everyone who has worked hard for poverty alleviation. The person who makes the offering.

"Poverty patients are discharged from the hospital and can be reimbursed, one-stop all settlement and reimbursement, no advance payment, affordable and convenient"

  Speaking of the county's one-stop settlement, Wei Zehai, director of the Longzhou County Medical Insurance Bureau, Chongzuo City, Guangxi is quite proud.

Beginning in November 2018, under the leadership of the local government, China Life has assisted the government in providing basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance, secondary reimbursement, medical assistance, and financial support that were originally dispersed in multiple departments by building a settlement system. Integrate together to realize the one-stop window settlement.

"In the past, folks had to pay a deposit before seeing a doctor, and they had to go to multiple windows for reimbursement. Many poor households, especially the elderly, were inconvenient and had to pay in advance. They didn't dare to see if they were sick." Wei Zehai explained, "Now, Poverty households do not need to pay a deposit for medical treatment. They only pay a small percentage of the money they bear when they leave the hospital. All other expenses are reimbursed in the background through one-stop settlement. This is a major breakthrough in rural poverty alleviation." There is one-stop settlement. After the foundation, China Life further launched a targeted poverty prevention project in 2019. Once the system detects that the filed and registered poor households in Longzhou County, or non-poor low-income families, the expenditures for medical treatment and other expenses exceed the set poverty prevention conditions , China Life will provide corresponding relief funds after verifying the situation to prevent the return of poverty due to illness or poverty due to illness.

The picture shows the “one-stop” settlement service window for health and poverty alleviation set up by China Life in hospitals, allowing more data to run away and fewer staff to run errands

  It is understood that as of the end of 2020, China Life has developed and promoted more than 110 poverty alleviation insurance products with "critical illness insurance + agricultural insurance" as the core, providing risk protection for poor households with 12 trillion yuan, and the amount of compensation exceeded 4.2 billion yuan.

The undertaking of policy-related serious illness insurance covers 400 million urban and rural residents, and the amount of compensation exceeds 90.9 billion yuan. Among them, 70% of the serious illness insurance projects implement preferential policies such as "lowering the payment line, raising the reimbursement ratio and reimbursement amount" for the poor.

At the same time, China Life has also innovated poverty alleviation services such as one-stop settlement, blockchain insurance, and cow face recognition, so that the government is relieved and the people are satisfied.

"There is still 15 million, welcome to have products, reputable poverty alleviation workshops actively apply for poverty alleviation workshop loans."

  Facing the camera, Nong Ting, deputy director of the Finance Bureau of Tiandeng County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi, added this sentence like an advertisement every time he said it.

In order to attract talented people who go out to work hard to return to their hometowns to start businesses and promote employment, Tiandeng County has built a returning home business park and provided preferential policies.

The poverty alleviation workshop loan mentioned by Nong Ting is one of them, that is, China Life and the local government jointly funded the establishment of a venture fund, and cooperated with the Chongzuo small and medium enterprise guarantee company. China Life Group member Guangfa Bank provides loans with the lowest interest rate according to a certain percentage. The amount, China Life Property Insurance provides insurance.

In other words, a "bank + guarantee + insurance + government" poverty alleviation loan model will be formed, and the four parties will share the risk.

“Because the land and plant are not owned by our own, and there is no mortgage or pledge that meets the loan requirements, it is difficult for us to borrow money,” said Liu Jian, manager of Tiandeng’s Hanbao Food Processing Poverty Alleviation Workshop. “This time when the capital flow of the epidemic is particularly difficult, China Life’s poverty alleviation loan gave us 500,000 yuan and helped sell the products to Beijing, which was a big help.” Hanbao Food Factory produces dried lotus root vermicelli, snail noodles, etc. with characteristics such as Tian and other characteristics, which drove the surrounding poor households to plant lotus root and dig lotus root, or Go to the workshop nearby for employment, and now the average monthly income of poor households in the workshop is nearly 3,000 yuan, which has helped them get rid of poverty.

The picture shows the Hanbao Food Processing Poverty Alleviation Workshop in Tiandeng County, Guangxi. Workers are bagging dried lotus root vermicelli and snail noodles

The picture shows the "China Life Mind" Mini Program Poverty Alleviation and Agriculture Sales Area

  It is understood that as of the end of 2020, China Life has leveraged its comprehensive financial advantages to provide financial targeted poverty alleviation loans with a balance of over 14.1 billion yuan, China Life has issued a total of 34 million yuan in poverty alleviation loans, and the scale of financial investment projects in the poverty alleviation field has exceeded 134.9 billion yuan.

At the same time, it has innovatively established a 500 million yuan poverty alleviation industry fund system, implemented 569 characteristic industry poverty alleviation projects, created poverty alleviation products such as "China Life Danquan" and "China Life Qixi Tea", and helped sell 143 million yuan in poverty alleviation agricultural and sideline products. Purchase 180 million yuan of poverty alleviation agricultural and sideline products.

"Everyone can face the light, can go out and come back, and make the countryside better and better."

  When asked what he expected of 35 children, Teacher Cai Mingjing said.

Cai Mingjing’s Pengjiagou Primary School is located on a remote peninsula in the Danjiangkou Reservoir area. The school has only one kindergarten class and four grades. A total of 35 students from four surrounding villages are boarding at the school.

"Nowadays, parents who are slightly able to work outside the countryside take their children to the town to go to school. Children who are still studying in the village are really difficult at home." China Life selected Danjiangkou poverty alleviation cadre Xie Yan told us, "So Helping these children who are still in the village should be the focus of education and poverty alleviation.” In 2019, China Life contributed funds to help the Danjiangkou Education Bureau build a “caring delivery classroom” in the city.

Different from non-profit online classrooms, the "Love Delivery Class" uses network technology to use various town center primary schools as the main classroom, covering remote village primary schools in the town as secondary classrooms, so that villages and small schools can share the educational resources of the town center primary school with more precision and accuracy. Interaction is closer.

Peng Yusheng, the principal of Pengjiagou Elementary School for 24 years, is very emotional. From the past when children dropped out of school for various reasons and refused to answer after repeated persuasion, to the gradual improvement of school hardware, to the delivery of art, music, information, and mental health to the classroom. Peng Yusheng told us: “Some children used to say that they wanted to be contractors when they grew up because they wanted to be with their father. Now the children will say that I want to work in China Life, They want to be flight attendants and so on, because they have the opportunity to go out, have the opportunity to see better things, want to go to work in high-rise buildings, and want to wear beautiful clothes. I think this is the ideal seed that has grown in their hearts."

The picture shows Pengjiagou Primary School in Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province. Students deliver the classroom and the town center primary school through love.

  It is understood that as of the end of 2020, China Life's caring delivery classes have covered more than 700 students from remote villages in Danjiangkou City and have been extended to poverty-stricken areas such as Linxia, ​​Gansu.

In addition, China Life has also established the China Life Danjiangkou Higher Education Fund for Poor Students, which has funded a total of 2,247 person-times; the China Life Yunxi Education Poverty Alleviation Fund has been innovatively established. The fund income in the first year of 2020 will exceed 2.2 million yuan, which will be used for 1,600 poor students or disabled Living allowances for students; a total of 11.5 million yuan has been invested in the "Hundred Schools Sports Poverty Alleviation Program", covering 353 schools in poverty-stricken areas such as designated poverty alleviation counties, "three districts and three states", and benefiting 268,000 teachers and students.

The picture shows the schematic diagram of China Life's "Poverty Alleviation Insurance" Project

  Since 2013, China Life has assisted 4 designated poverty alleviation counties, 1534 poverty points (townships and villages), and 9 state-listed poverty alleviation villages, dispatched a total of 2,300 poverty alleviation workers, invested 540 million yuan in poverty alleviation funds, and introduced free The assistance fund was 580 million yuan, and 2,870 assistance projects were implemented. In 2019, it won the highest level of performance evaluation of designated poverty alleviation work by the central unit.

At the beginning of 2020, on the basis of summing up the experience of poverty alleviation, we will comprehensively promote the implementation of the “Poverty Alleviation Insurance” project, a long-term work mechanism with China Life's characteristics, to help effectively connect poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

In 2021, the “Poverty Alleviation Insurance” project was selected as the “Top 50 Comprehensive Cases of Enterprise Targeted Poverty Alleviation” of the State Council’s Poverty Alleviation Office in 2020, contributing to the promotion of comprehensive poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, China Life’s wisdom, China Life plan and China Life strength.

  Faced with this poverty alleviation answer sheet written day and night, no medium may be able to fully show it.

Behind every picture, every sentence, every paragraph of text, and every set of data that we try our best to present, there are little stories of poverty alleviation and the great value of comprehensive poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

Poverty alleviation is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and new struggle. Next, we must complete the article on rural revitalization.

Undoubtedly, China Life will focus on new goals, show new deeds, and make new contributions, and continue to work with the villagers to march towards a better future.