China News Service, Beijing, January 25 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Emergency Management of China on the 25th that China has recently organized a special rectification to severely crack down on illegal production and storage of dangerous chemicals, and has investigated and dealt with all kinds of illegal and illegal "small chemical "1489.

  Illegal and illegal production and storage of hazardous chemicals, especially illegal and illegal "small chemicals", small workshops, and black dens lack basic safe production conditions and safeguards. The hidden dangers of safety risks are high, and safety accidents are extremely easy to cause.

In August 2020, the Work Safety Committee of the State Council of China issued a plan to deploy a one-year special rectification of illegal and illegal “small chemicals” to rectify small chemicals that illegally produce and store chemical products and use chemical products to illegally engage in production and business activities. Small workshops, black dens.

As of January 2021, a total of 1,489 illegal and illegal “small chemicals” have been investigated and dealt with.

  It is understood that the special rectification is divided into three stages: mobilization and deployment, investigation and rectification, and consolidation and upgrading. It is currently in the stage of investigation and rectification. All localities have established checklists to identify a number of potential safety risks, including production and storage of hazardous chemicals beyond the permitted scope. Non-chemical companies produce chemical products (hazardous chemicals) without a license, produce chemical products (hazardous chemicals) without a license or incomplete licenses, and illegally produce chemical products by means of affiliates, leases or "factories in factories". And other issues.

  Illegal and illegal production activities have a certain degree of concealment. In order to improve the investigation effect, the emergency management department has set up a complaint hotline to encourage the public to report hidden safety hazards and various illegal illegal production and operation activities.

  The Office of the State Council’s Security Committee requires that special rectification of illegal and illegal “small chemicals” be carried out in depth, to firmly establish the concept of life first and safety first, to decompose and implement work tasks to specific departments and personnel, to strengthen supervision and evaluation, and to deal with formalism and bureaucracy. If the ideology has caused unclear numbers, ineffective rectification, and unresolute bans, we must be held accountable strictly according to law and discipline, and promote the completion of various tasks on schedule.