In this spring battle, Toyota Motor's labor union has decided to demand a monthly wage increase of 9,200 yen per person, which is 600 yen higher than last year's conclusion, including regular salary increases.

According to the people concerned, the Toyota Workers' Union has decided to demand an average of 9,200 yen per person per month as the total amount of wage increases including regular salary increases in this spring battle.

This is 900 yen below last year's request, but 600 yen above the labor-management agreement, and the policy is not to announce whether or not to request a base increase.

The Toyota Workers' Union has decided on this policy not only in raising wages through labor-management negotiations, but also in a wide range of fields such as working styles, as the environment surrounding the automobile industry is changing drastically and the impact of the new coronavirus is spreading. It seems that there is an aim to deepen the discussion.

On the other hand, regarding bonuses, we plan to request 6 months, which is 0.5 months lower than last year's full answer.

The Toyota Workers' Union will officially decide on this requirement policy in the middle of next month.