Under a recent decree, restaurants can reopen their doors to accommodate traveling employees.

Marc Nuding, owner of the Table de l'ours, in Ariège, is one of these happy restaurateurs.

And despite constraints, he and his clients do not hide their pleasure.


Eating at a restaurant is now a distant memory, the coronavirus crisis requires ... And yet, some establishments have the right to raise the curtain.

Under a recent decree, agreements can now be signed between companies whose employees work outdoors, and restaurants.

This allows some restaurateurs to reopen their rooms with a very strict protocol.

Example in Saint-Girons, in Ariège, at the Table de l'ours, where the owner Marc Nuding fought to obtain this exemption.

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"It's a lot of paperwork, but it's worth it"

"It's been a while since we last extended this noise of plates to the sink, it feels good", smiles the restaurant owner, hearing this sound coming from the back of the kitchen, and which he had not heard for three months.

Since Thursday, the prefecture has set up an agreement between its restaurant and companies to allow their employees to eat at his place.

"They allow us to receive people who work outside, on the move, and who can only eat in their truck or outside. You just have to complete this agreement with the box," explains Marc Nuding.

And the constraints do not weigh heavily compared to the joy of finding your job.

"At the entrance of the restaurant, we keep a register with the name of each person. It's a lot of paperwork, but it's worth it. That's what I wanted: to go back to the kitchen, to feel the knives and to find people to serve ", explains the restaurateur.

"Eat hot when it's cold, that's what is good"

The protocol is strict: four people maximum at the table, and we keep the mask until the arrival of the plate.

But customers don't care.

"To stop eating, it's impossible, so there are only chains, McDonald's and all that. It's a real pain," laments Christophe, a farmer who came to buy cattle in the region, who Tired of eating sandwiches.

"Eating hot when it's cold, that's what is good. You have the impression of living again. Of taking back a freedom."

For Marc Nuding, there is no question of stopping the take-away sale.

The restaurant even hired someone as of today to handle meal deliveries.