As low as 10% off?


Air ticket prices have plunged!

Some are cheaper than high-speed rail and train tickets...

  Generally speaking, during the Spring Festival travel period, most of the train tickets and air tickets are hard to find, and the prices of air tickets and hotels in popular tourist cities are constantly rising.

However, this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, various localities have issued the "Festival in Place" initiative. How has the current domestic long-distance travel orders been affected?

  This afternoon, the reporter searched on some online travel platforms and found that during the Spring Festival, the price of air tickets to Sanya, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu and other popular tourist cities from Beijing dropped sharply, and the starting price of some routes was even as low as one. fold.

The reporter learned that after many provinces recently issued the "Festival in Place" initiative, the number of domestic long-distance travel consultations has dropped significantly, and some air tickets and hotel prices have also been discounted.

  Ctrip Public Affairs Manager Fu Xiqian: According to the data observed on our platform, during the Spring Festival this year, air ticket prices in many parts of the country have shown a downward trend, including some popular tourist cities, such as Beijing to Chengdu air ticket prices have dropped by as much as 48%. There are many places where the ticket price is far lower than the price of a second-class high-speed train.

  Feng Ruobin, assistant general manager of CYTS Travel Market Group: During the period in early December, everyone was still very concerned about Spring Festival tourism. There were still many consultations such as Sanya, Hainan. Now we are group tours and free tours, including air tickets. The impact of several types is relatively large, and many orders should be refunded for remote travel.

  According to industry insiders, after a whole year of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Chinese tourists are willing to try safer and healthier travel methods. In the case of temporary inconvenience of overseas travel or long-distance travel, the popularity of local travel and surrounding travel products has rapidly increased. .

Recently, Ctrip released a report showing that through the analysis of users’ latest search behaviors, the popularity of “In-Place Chinese New Year” has risen by 260%; among the overall search volume, “local travel” searches account for more than 40%.

  Fu Xiqian, Manager of Public Affairs Department of Ctrip: The small and beautiful spots in the area and surrounding areas have become the first choice for Chinese New Year travel. Whether in the south or the north, the search volume for skiing and hot springs is relatively high.

  Feng Ruobin, assistant to the general manager of CYTS Travel Market Group: We may need more transformation and expansion of new business formats to increase compound income, such as short-distance travel around or outdoors.