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Ministry of Strategy and Finance has instructed not to reflect the period of military service in the public institution promotion review.

It is a counter-discrimination against military writers, a natural measure for gender equality, and the controversy is hot.

Reporter Kim Jung-woo on the report.


Public institutions have recognized the salary as much as the military service period, and some organizations reflected that salary in the promotion screening, and the military service period served as an additional point.

Even if they joined the company in the same year, military writers were paid more and were promoted faster than non-writers.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance put a brake on this practice.

He instructed public institutions not to reflect it in the promotion screening, saying that it is a redundant benefit and discrimination to reflect the military career that is recognized as a good salary and reflected in wages to the promotion screening.

I heard it based on the Gender Equality Employment Act, which prohibits discrimination against men and women in the education, placement, and promotion of workers.

The reactions of job seekers are mixed.

[Tae Jang/Preparatory for employment: It was a small reward, but I don't really understand what to do with the relative deprivation if I even get rid of that.]

[Jim Ji-min/Job-preparant: I studied together, and as a test taker, I went in so hard.

I think it is correct to give them the same promotion opportunity.]

In the situation where there are employees who have already been promoted after receiving'military bonus points', there are disputes about equity as another discrimination.

[Public institution officials: (Prior to the review) parties may rebel.

'What if I don't approve it?', but if the government's guidelines say so.]

This directive of the Ministry of Information and Transportation applies to all public institutions, including 36 public enterprises and 95 quasi-governmental institutions.

(Video coverage: Yoohyuk Yoo, video editing: Jeong Seonghun)