China News Service, Guangzhou, January 24 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) The Fourth Session of the Thirteenth People's Congress of Guangdong Province opened in Guangzhou on the 24th. The Governor of Guangdong Province Ma Xingrui stated in his government work report that in 2020, Guangdong will actively guard against Resolve major risks, complete the arduous task of restructuring 64 rural credit cooperatives to form rural commercial banks, and defuse a total of 130 billion yuan of risk burdens; all 707 P2P online lending institutions have been liquidated, and the risk of equity pledges of listed companies has been resolved safely, and the bankruptcy of GSI has been successfully completed Liquidation work.

  At the same time, last year the Guangdong government's implicit debt was significantly reduced, and the government debt ratio remained low.

The real estate market maintained steady and healthy development.

  Ma Xingrui said that in 2021, Guangdong will strengthen anti-monopoly and prevent the disorderly expansion of capital, formulate opinions on platform economic innovation and compliance development, guide enterprises to consciously accept supervision, and enhance platform economic supervision capabilities.

Fully implement the fair competition review system and strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law enforcement.

Improve the local financial supervision system, promote financial innovation under the premise of prudential supervision, and actively and steadily prevent and defuse risks such as illegal fund-raising and small and medium financial institutions.

  Guangdong will also strengthen government debt management, manage and use local government special debt, and prevent new hidden debts.

Strengthen the supervision of state-owned capital and effectively prevent investment and operation risks.

Adhere to the positioning of houses for living, not for speculation, and promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.

  In terms of deepening the reform of the fiscal, taxation and financial system, Guangdong will improve the budget management system, strengthen the overall planning of financial resources, establish a budget arrangement mechanism for concentrating efforts on major events, and strengthen financial security for major strategic tasks.

Continue to promote the reform of the division of fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities between provinces and cities and counties, and strengthen the ability to guarantee grassroots public services.

Promote data sharing, coordinate tax administration, and improve the level of tax collection and management.

  In addition, Guangdong will promote the construction of a financial province, upgrade the financial capabilities of the central cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, deepen the reform of urban commercial banks and rural commercial banks, and expand and strengthen local financial institutions.

To do a good job in the construction of the Guangzhou Futures Exchange, support the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to improve the listing system, and carry out the pilot transfer of the "New Third Board".

Vigorously develop green finance.