That "life was serious" the poet Gil de Biedma realized at a certain age.

And nature is much more important.

We have already seen some consequences of not preserving it.

Fortunately, the part of the human productive fabric closest to common sense has been clustering around the concept of sustainability for some time.

Reality gives what it gives, whether we like it or not, and finances, the blood flow of said tissue, gradually understand it.

Enrique Vinal, Head of Resources at Santander Spain and an expert in investment funds, tries to expand the good (and essential) news as a volunteer trainer of Finance for Mortals, an inclusive financial education program promoted by Banco Santander through the Santander Financial Institute, SANFI to bring training in basic finance to the most vulnerable groups (students, the elderly or people at risk of exclusion).

"Sustainable finances are those that contribute to guaranteeing the growth of the economy without compromising resources for future generations," defines Vinal.

According to the National Securities Market Commission, it branches off into sustainable and responsible investment, ethical banking and microfinance.

Three trends that are permeating:

more and more people are aware that putting their money in according to where has consequences beyond profitability

: "The new generations incorporate sustainability as a decisive factor in their financial decision-making. For young people, it is something


, just like digitization. They are more aware of the importance of recycling, reducing single-use plastics, promoting sustainable mobility, and are more inclined to buy sustainable fashion, for example, or use car-sharing services Finance is not out of this trend. Numerous studies show it. "

For Vinal, the key points of sustainability in this matter are "access to universal financing, involvement in the construction of a green and digital economy, support for entrepreneurs with a social dimension and investments in inclusion and diversity".

All these activities "are aspects that require

transparent and sustainable financing

, based on the long term and on the involvement of all economic and social agents".

To avoid dispersion in such a vast area, those who dedicate themselves to this in a moderately serious way are governed by the "2030 global agenda [of the UN], marked by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals".

To comply with them, the organization urged entities to sign

the Principles of Responsible Banking

, of which Banco Santander is a part.

In fact, some of their goals by 2025 are to mobilize 120,000 million euros in green financing, the financial inclusion of 10 million people, ensure that 100% of the energy they use comes from renewable sources or have at least one 30% of women in managerial positions.


Finance for Mortals

, considered one of the best initiatives in this area by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV, Vinal explains that, in order to have real decision-making capacity about the placement of their money in this type of project, the investor has to make "regular contributions that materialize a long-term commitment."

In addition, he recalls the importance of "the banks offering them good advice and valuable information on the possibilities and options and how they are adapted to their preferences.

European regulation is helping to ensure that preferences in ESG matters

[environmental considerations, social and corporate governance] of clients are taken into account when offering financial products. "

Vinal provides concrete examples of financial tools to support sustainability: "Green and social bonds [public or private debt issues in the medium and long term to finance projects that respect the environment or pursue social improvements], sustainable investment funds , impact funds, microcredits ... A success story is sustainable funds: they moved more than a trillion dollars in June 2020 ".

Also noteworthy are solidarity investment funds, collective investment institutions that assign part of the management commission to certain charitable or non-governmental entities.

"Sustainable finance is experiencing significant growth in general," concludes Vinal


"In the case, for example, of green bonds, growth has been very significant in recent years, but as a result of the covid, the boom in social bonds is becoming evident. The pandemic has focused on the social part , although the environmental part and climate change are still very relevant because it is one of the biggest challenges we face ".

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