Ahead of the Lunar New Year, a crackdown on the place of origin is undertaken to prevent the illegal distribution of agricultural and livestock gift sets and handmade products.

The National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service (NRC) invested about 3,740 people from January 18 to February 10, making it a place of origin for New Year's agricultural and livestock products gift sets and handmade products for department stores, large retailers, mail-order sales, and traditional markets. They said they are implementing a crackdown.

This crackdown is focused on companies suspected of violating the country of origin, companies with a history of violations, and companies reporting violations of the country of origin in the process of monitoring on/offline and social network service (SNS) taking into account the Corona 19 situation.

Inexpensive foreign agricultural and livestock products are sold domestically, and general agricultural and livestock products are sold as special products of famous regions.

In addition, we plan to focus on the distribution status of eggs whose prices are rising due to the recent highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) and Corona 19.

Starting with the Lunar New Year holidays, the Agricultural Officer conducts regular crackdowns on illegal distribution of origin in May (flowers) and July (livestock) five times a year. It was decided to conduct a planning crackdown.

An official from the Agricultural Officer requested, "When buying agrifood, be sure to check the country of origin, and if there is no indication of the country of origin or if there is a suspected violation of the country of origin, please report it to the website of the Agricultural Officer."

(Photo = Yonhap News)