Another fire broke out in Hyundai's Kona Electric Vehicle, which had a global recall due to a series of fires recently.

Yesterday (23rd) around 4:10 pm, a fire of unknown cause broke out in a Kona electric car that was being charged at a public electric car charger installed at a taxi company in Dalseo-gu, Daegu.

Including this accident, it is known that a total of 15 fires have occurred in Kona electric vehicles, including 11 domestic and 4 overseas cases since its launch in 2018.

Hyundai Motor Company carried out a worldwide recall to update the battery management system and BMS for 77,000 Kona electric vehicles manufactured from September 2017 to March last year.

BMS is a key component that manages stable voltage maintenance and flow of electric vehicle batteries.

However, with the fire again this time, Hyundai Motor Company began investigating the cause and plans to announce the results as early as this week.

(Photo = Courtesy of reader Young-Hoon Song, Yonhap News)