client, Beijing, January 24 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) Recently, "Cherry price is cut in half" on the hot search, just as netizens said that the freedom of cherries was finally realized this year, "Wuxi a copy of imported cherries. The news that the surface nucleic acid test is positive” detonated the Internet again.

The surface nucleic acid test of imported cherries is positive

  On the 22nd, the Liangxi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province issued a report. On the 21st, the center found a copy of imported cherries (production date: 2020.12.18) in the normalized monitoring of imported food. The nucleic acid test is positive.

After investigation, the batch of food partially flowed to Liangxi District, Huishan District and Binhu District in the city.

  According to the notification, through epidemiological investigations, nucleic acid sampling, centralized isolation of close contacts, storage of surplus food, and comprehensive environmental destruction, a total of 199 environmental, object, and personnel specimens were collected in Liangxi District, Huishan District and Binhu District. The test results were all negative.

On the 22nd, the Liangxi District Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province issued a report.

  After the above news was disclosed, netizens quickly "exploded the pot": "The cherries that were half bitten in their hands suddenly no longer fragrant." "Before the news said that the price of cherries was reduced and they were going to buy some, this news suddenly appeared. I still don’t buy it.” “I just placed an order in the afternoon and I saw the hot search and silently cancelled the order.”

  Some netizens even directly predicted that the price of cherries would continue to decrease.

"After this wave, waiting to eat cherries for the price of cabbage."

Can I eat imported cherries with confidence?

  What does a positive nucleic acid test on the inner surface of imported cherries mean?

What is the probability that cherries that have a positive nucleic acid test will transmit the virus to people?

  Feng Zijian, deputy director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview with CCTV that a positive nucleic acid does not mean that it must be contagious. It depends on the amount of contamination and whether the contaminated virus is active.

From what we know, the nucleic acid detected in this imported cherries in Wuxi is positive, and the virus load is very low, which will not pose too much risk of infection to consumers.

  "Up to now, although we have continuously found that various imported goods have been tested positive, we have not found ordinary consumers who have been infected by the virus contaminated by such imported goods." Feng Zijian said that in the past, there were people engaged in food processing or transportation. People are infected because they have been exposed to the virus for a long time and frequently.

  Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also said that the temperature of preserved fruits is higher than that of frozen fish and other foods, and the virus can survive at a temperature such as preserved fruits for a shorter time. The nucleic acid test is positive, and it may be a live virus. It may be a dead virus or a fragment of the virus, which does not necessarily mean it is infectious; as long as we pay attention to hand hygiene and wash with running water before eating fruits, there should be no risk of infection.

Online and offline merchants have not released cherries

  "The supermarket imports are all based on national epidemic prevention requirements. So far, I have not heard that the sales of cherries on the platform will be affected." Xiao Zhonggui, director of the public affairs department of Yonghui Supermarket, told a reporter from

  The reporter noticed that currently neither online nor offline merchants have released cherries, but some online platforms have begun to indicate "qualified nucleic acid testing" and "qualified customs clearance and quarantine" on their sales pages.

The nucleic acid test report of imported cherries published by an e-commerce platform merchant.

  "The cherries on the platform are still on sale and have not received any notice from the government requesting to be removed from the shelves." Xiao Zhonggui said.

  A staff member of a fresh food e-commerce platform also told reporters that after seeing the news that "the surface of imported cherries was tested positive for nucleic acid", the company immediately held a meeting to discuss whether to take measures such as taking off the shelves, according to government departments Arrangement shall prevail.

The screenshot is taken from the chelizi sales page of an e-commerce platform.

  On the evening of the 22nd, when the reporter visited an imported discount store in Fengtai District, Beijing, he found that the cherries in the store were on sale and many customers were still buying.

The merchant said, “These are domestic cherries.” However, on the morning of the 23rd, the merchant stated in the WeChat discount group, “The cherries are from Chile, and all disinfection records and nucleic acid reporting procedures are available.”

  "The fact that imported cherries are positive on the surface will still have an impact on the sales of cherries on the market." Lu Fangxiao, president of the China Fruit Circulation Association, told a reporter from that the foreign new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spreading. Coupled with the mutation of the new crown virus, consumers will be more careful about imported food and may be more cautious in buying.

The price of cherries has been "halved", will it "dive" again?

  In the "15 Stages of Female Financial Freedom" circulated on the Internet, Che Lizi's freedom beats Starbucks Freedom's hot searches.

At the most expensive time, one cherry can even exchange two eggs.

However, unlike previous years, the recent "cheer price cut in half" has been on the hot search.

  Before the report of "positive imported cherries on the surface" was notified, on January 20, when a reporter from visited a Guodumei store in Beijing, JJ's cherries were 39.9 yuan per catty, and JJJ's was 69.9 yuan. A pound.

Cherries sold in a store in Beijing.

Photo by Xie Yiguan, China News Network reporter

  "Compared to some time ago, the price of cherries has been directly reduced by half. Because of the drop in prices, our staff all buy them to eat. Many customers buy them in pieces, and consumers buy more JJs." According to Guo. According to the sales staff of Duomei, cherries are divided into multiple grades according to their size, from small to large, they are XL, J, JJ, JJJ and JJJJ.

  A reporter from noticed that the prices of cherries on other supermarkets and online fresh food e-commerce platforms have also “dipped” significantly compared to the past, and they are sold at special prices.

A supermarket in Xicheng District, Beijing did not have cherries that were separated by hooks. Before 80 yuan a catty, they only sold for 23.8 yuan a catty on the 20th. The fresh Chilean cherries double hook grade (JJ) 5 catty gift box was originally 299 Yuan, the current price on the 20th is only 199 Yuan.

  Regarding the phenomenon of "cherry prices cut in half", the spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics Liu Aihua said recently that as far as she knows, the main reason is the increase in supply. "Compared with the previous two years, the freedom of cherries is definitely easier to realize now."

  It is understood that cherries from Chile, New Zealand and other places start to go on the market around November each year. From November to February of the following year, most of the cherries sold in the domestic market are imported from countries in the southern hemisphere.

  Due to good weather conditions during the growing season, at the end of December 2020, the Chilean Cherry Association under the Association of Fruit Exporters (ASOEX) released a report that initially predicts that Chilean cherry exports will increase by 38% during the 2020/2021 season.

The Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, estimates that about 500,000 tons of cherries will enter the Chinese market.

Data map: Merchants are sorting out cherries.

Photo by Tang Xiaoqing

  "The overall import volume of cherries this year is relatively abundant. China is now the main sales market for Chilean cherries. More than 85% of Chilean cherries are exported to China." Lu Fang said, "The cherries in the previous month When the price was the highest, it was air transportation, and the import volume was small and the cost was higher. Recently, the cost has dropped and the number of imports has also increased significantly.

  "The period from New Year's Day to the Spring Festival has always been the peak season for cherries consumption. If the quantity of imports is still so large, the price may fall further, but the price of cherries is already at a low level, and the decline may be limited. "Said Lu Fang.

  On the 24th, a reporter from observed that the price of cherries on e-commerce platforms had fallen further than on the 20th. The double-hook (JJ) Chilean cherries on multiple platforms had dropped to more than 30 yuan per catty. Three-hook level (JJJ) is reduced to about 40 yuan a catty.

For example, Guodumei Chile Cherries JJJ (Special Grade) 240-260g/box is priced at 59.9 yuan, but "59 minus 20".

  However, as to the question of whether the price of cherries will fall further, as of press time, many e-commerce platforms have not responded.

  Have you bought cherries recently?

How much is a catty?