“All these decisions can be assessed very unambiguously.

This is unfair competition, this is an attempt to preserve for the United States, if not a monopoly, then at least a significant share of the gas market in Europe, ”the senator said.

He recalled that the $ 3 billion of the Ukrainian budget is revenue from gas transit.

And if SP-2 is launched, Ukraine may “lose a significant part of this income”.

"What does this mean?

That some of the patrons of today's Ukraine will have to support it for these three billion ... Therefore, I think that in their actions, it is not so much the motivation associated with the rejection of some actions by Russia, as a pure commercial calculation, unwillingness to pay for others accounts and the desire to earn more on their own accounts, ”added Kosachev.

Earlier, the German edition Handelsblatt reported that on January 19 the American side intends to impose restrictive measures against the company KBT-Rus, which owns Fortuna.

The representative of the Ministry of Economy of Germany also commented on this decision.