Is unmanned coal mining still far away?

Intelligent construction gives the answer

  As an important traditional energy industry in my country, the coal industry is an important part of China's national economy, and its intelligent construction is directly related to the process of my country's national economy and social intelligence.

Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration and other departments have successively issued the "Energy Technology Revolution and Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030)" and "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Intelligent Coal Mines", accelerating the construction of intelligent coal mines Advance.

  It can be said that accelerating the intelligent construction of the coal industry is the only way and inevitable choice for the coal industry to achieve high-quality development.

So, is the era of "unmanned" coal mining still far away?

On January 15, in an interview with reporters, the National Energy Group Shendong Coal Group Company (hereinafter referred to as Shendong Coal) gave the answer with practical actions: "Not far, it will come."

  Core technology innovation is the key

  For every 20 tons of coal produced in the country, 1 ton comes from Shendong coal.

  During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Shendong Coal took the lead in coal mine intelligent construction, and completed the domestic leading Jinjie intelligent coal mine construction key technology and demonstration project, Daliuta billion-ton regional coal mine centralized control project demonstration project and upper Bay Intelligent Coal Preparation Plant Demonstration Project; Yujialiang Coal Mine, Jinjie Coal Mine, and Shigetai Coal Mine pioneered 3 intelligent fully-mechanized mining modes; achieved full coverage of underground 4G and ground plant area 5G, and built a full-time and fully integrated data warehouse in the mining area; fixed Positions are gradually 0 on duty; the research and development and application of five major coal mine robots are fully covered...

  In the practice of intelligentization, Shendong Coal has gradually realized that the advancement of core technology innovation is a breakthrough in the construction of intelligent mines.

The transparent and autonomous coal cutting mode successfully applied in Yujialiang Coal Mine of Shendong Coal Mine has opened a window of exploration for "unmanned" coal mining.

  One year later, the first domestic level coal mining equipment was successfully commissioned in the Shigetai Coal Mine. Among them, the unmanned intelligent coal cutting technology of thin seam level was the first of Shendong Coal.

  The centralized control room located along the groove of the equal height coal mining face is the intelligent center for directing the safe production of the working face.

After the management and control personnel comprehensively process the status information of the support, coal machine, self-moving tail and other equipment in the centralized control room, the intelligent inspection program of the inspection trolley intervenes, and the working face can automatically follow the machine to pull the frame, and automatically push and slide. Automated production, with only 2 central control console drivers and 3 inspection workers can complete production.

  More importantly, the equal height coal mining face changes the traditional long-wall oblique cutting coal mining method, adopting the vertical feed mode of the machine head and tail.

"It takes only two minutes to complete the cutting at both ends of a fully mechanized coal mining face with equal height, eliminating the need for the round trip process of cutting triangle coal, saving time, and realizing high-yield and efficient mining with fewer people and no one." Shendong Coal Said Wang Gaowei, captain of the second team of Shigetai Coal Mine's comprehensive mining team.

  The successful practice of this working face not only fills the gap in the field of high unmanned fully automated production of thin coal seams in China, but also accumulates important experience in the automated, safe and efficient mining of thin coal seams with a recoverable reserve of 957 million tons, providing a useful reference .

  Upgrade and extend the entire industry chain

  While making breakthroughs in key technologies and key areas of intelligent mine construction, Shendong Coal also promoted the extension of intelligence to the entire mine system.

Since 2020, Shendong Coal's Jinjie Coal Mine, Baode Coal Mine, Bulianta Coal Mine and other mines have realized unattended main transportation systems through intelligent upgrades to the main transportation system.

  In Bulianta Coal Mine, two centralized control points placed at underground belt conveyors have been operating stably for more than 4 months. At these two centralized control points, the start-stop control and operation of multiple belt conveyors within the corresponding control range can be completed. Condition monitoring, to realize unattended escort for the mine owner's transportation system.

  "The two centralized control points realize the remote centralized monitoring and control of the main transportation system, and only one post is required. This not only avoids the hazards and risks of personnel operations, but also reduces the labor maintenance cost of the main transportation system, and cumulatively achieves production shift positions. The workforce was reduced by 30 people.” said Lu Haibin, deputy captain of the Bulianta Coal Mine Operation Team.

  According to the intelligent mine construction promotion plan, in 2020, the main coal transportation system of Shendong Coal will reduce fixed-post workers by 30%.

  While intelligentization promotes the transformation of production models, the data it generates also provides important support for enterprises to carry out innovative research and development of industrial control automation.

Now the Shendong production data management platform is a must-check application for Zhang Maowei, head of the Yujialiang Coal Mine Quality Group of Shendong Coal, to open his phone every day.

The platform integrates multiple functions and systems such as industrial video, real-time production data, production data analysis, personnel positioning, comprehensive mining pressure analysis, and equipment availability.

“Now you don’t need to go down the well or contact other people. You can understand the operation of the equipment by logging into the Shendong production data management platform on the mobile phone.” Relying on data analysis to achieve accurate equipment repair and maintenance, Zhang Maowei deeply felt the traditional Overhaul gap.