To be able to benefit from the aid put in place by the State to finance a thermal renovation project, owners must call on workers with the RGE label.

However, the bodies responsible for issuing this label are facing an unprecedented increase in requests for authorization from building craftsmen.

This is a huge success for the Ma Prime Rénov device, the new version of which was launched at the start of the year.

This aid for energy renovation is now available to all owners, whether landlords or occupants, and without income conditions.

Such a success behind the scenes, the device struggles to keep up with demand.

Seeing the success of Ma Prime Rénov, many building craftsmen are currently applying for their RGE label ("recognized guarantor of the environment), which is essential for their customers to benefit from state aid. at Qualit'EnR, one of the seven organizations approved to issue this label, you have to wait a month to get your precious sesame, compared to a week in normal times. The number of applications has increased by more than 35% in one year . 

"People are rushing at the last moment"

"It's always the same. The label has been around for a long time but people rush at the last moment. It is often when they are faced with a project for which customers ask if they are well qualified RGE, in order to benefit aid, that they file a file ", reports to Europe 1 André Joffre is the president of Qualit'EnR.

"So it's a wave that must be absorbed, but then we can return to much faster levels," he wants to reassure.

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And to absorb the wave, André Joffre has already recruited fourteen new employees last year, and is still looking for ten additional instructors.

For craftsmen in a hurry, he reminds us that they have the right to three sites per year, eligible for Ma Prime Rénov without RGE label if, and only if, the site is subject to controls and the craftsman undertakes to ask for qualification.