The government will introduce a new support measure to subsidize the organizers who canceled events such as concerts and plays in response to the state of emergency, up to 25 million yen for the cost of canceling the venue and refunding tickets. We have solidified our policy.

With the state of emergency being declared in 11 prefectures nationwide and the events expected to be canceled one after another, the government has decided to introduce new support measures for the organizers.

Organizers who have canceled concerts, plays, exhibitions, amusement park events, etc. scheduled during the period in areas where a state of emergency has been declared or measures have been taken accordingly. is.

The government will subsidize up to 25 million yen for cancellation fees at the venue due to cancellation, ticket refund fees, and costs for producing and distributing PR videos.

There is no limit to the size of the event.

The government has set a cap on the number of events in the areas covered by the state of emergency and has called for shortening of the time to 8 pm.

Given that many organizers have no choice but to abandon the event under these conditions, we have decided to establish a policy to introduce this support measure and prepare for prompt procedures in the future.