Community e-commerce warehousing demand exceeds manufacturing

  "In 2020, the demand for high-standard warehouses in Chengdu will grow against the trend of the epidemic, and it has become an important infrastructure strategy." On January 15, You Pengwei, head of the Industrial Real Estate Department of the West China District of Jones Lang LaSalle, told Chengdu Business Daily- The Red Star News reporter said.

  High-standard warehouses, also known as "five-star warehouses", are not only the core infrastructure in the logistics field, but also reflect the level of urban commodity energy levels.

The more high-standard warehouses in the city, the more high-value-added products.

  According to the "2020 Annual Report on Chengdu Commercial Real Estate and Warehousing Logistics Market" released by Jones Lang LaSalle on the 15th, in 2020, the net absorption of Chengdu high-standard warehouses will rebound to 698,000 square meters. Even under the influence of the epidemic, the first At the end of the fourth quarter, the overall market vacancy rate even dropped year-on-year, reaching 9.1 percentage points.

  The reporter noticed that third-party logistics is still the main component of Chengdu's high-standard warehouse transactions, accounting for more than 50%; while traditional e-commerce and community e-commerce account for nearly 30%.

  You Pengwei revealed that strong demand from community fresh food e-commerce, retail and third-party logistics is an important reason for Chengdu warehousing and logistics to maintain resilience.

  On the one hand, among the new leased area of ​​high-standard warehouses in 2020, the storage area of ​​community e-commerce companies accounted for as much as 11%, surpassing the manufacturing industry to become the third largest demand customer in the Chengdu storage market.

This is because as of the end of 2020, Internet giants such as Meituan, Didi,, and Alibaba have all opened community fresh food e-commerce businesses in Chengdu, and the old batch of entrants such as Xingsheng Optimal, Dingdong Maicai, Shihui Tuan, etc. , The community e-commerce industry has achieved rapid growth in Chengdu.

  In addition to community fresh food e-commerce, the recovery of traditional online and offline retail cannot be ignored, and online retail has become an important stabilizer of China's consumer market in 2020.

You Pengwei explained that this is not unrelated to the full digital transformation of the economy in 2020. Whether it is manufacturing or service industries, they will choose multi-channel, online and offline marketing scenarios invariably, which is important for enterprises' logistics supply chain management capabilities and warehousing. The allocation efficiency puts forward higher requirements, which drives the growth of its high-standard warehouse demand.

  It is worth noting that more types of storage space are also emerging.

You Pengwei mentioned that in 2020, Chengdu will enter the market in the form of dry warehouse with a small number of cold warehouses to meet the growing demand for warehousing by fresh food e-commerce and chain light catering companies.

  For the warehousing and logistics industry, 2021 is a critical period.

You Pengwei revealed that this year, Chengdu will experience the second round of centralized supply of high-standard warehouses.

  It is reported that in 2021, Chengdu's high-standard warehouse market will usher in about 530,000 square meters of new supply, of which nearly 80% will be located in the Qingbaijiang submarket.

By the end of 2023, the high-standard inventory of Qingbaijiang submarket will surpass the Longquanyizi market to reach 1.7 million square meters, becoming the largest high-standard storage area in Chengdu.

  "The rapid expansion of the Qingbaijiang submarket has officially become the fourth core logistics market in Chengdu." You Pengwei said that logistics services are for business flows. Under the new development pattern of domestic and international dual cycles with the main domestic cycle, Domestic trade flows will inevitably become more frequent, and warehousing and logistics is an important infrastructure supporting the upgrade and expansion of the retail industry and manufacturing industry.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Zou Yue