60% of Dubai's international visitors accept desert trips when visiting the emirate

75 "safari" tour companies ... and 43 desert camp operators in Dubai

  • "Dubai Safari" .. Trips that are of the highest interest of international tourists.



The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) revealed that the number of desert camp operators in the emirate has reached 43, while the number of "safari" tour companies has reached 75 companies.

Officials in companies organizing safari trips said that these trips top the list of international tourists who are looking to explore Dubai, learn about wildlife, and experience all available activities, noting that between 50 and 60% of international visitors to Dubai accept These trips, due to their great appeal and popularity.

They explained to "Emirates Today" that the prices of the trips vary from one company to another, and depend on the type of camps, available activities and events, and food and beverage menus, pointing out that they range between 125 and 400 dirhams or more per person.

They added that most safaris are organized in the late afternoon and evening, which allows visitors to experience various tourist experiences and activities, from sunset to stargazing and enjoying activities, as tourists are transported from their hotels in four-wheel drive cars to the sand dunes.

Number of companies

In detail, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai (Dubai Tourism) revealed to "Emirates Today" that the number of desert camp operators in the emirate has reached 43, while the number of "safari" travel companies has reached 75 companies.

Statistics of the annual report of international visitors for the year 2019, issued by the department, showed that 41% of all international visitors have enjoyed distinctive experiences within the category of "desert adventures", which occupies an important place among the visitors' interests, as well as shopping and entertainment tourism, and visiting the cultural and heritage neighborhoods in Dubai. .

Safari trips

Justin Thomas, general manager of the "Arabian Adventures Company", a subsidiary of the Emirates Group, said that trips to Dubai are not complete without experiencing the beauty of the desert, noting that desert safari trips are still one of the best options for international tourists, who are looking forward to Explore Dubai, and spend some time in the desert, especially those looking to experience this for the first time.

Thomas added: "A large variety of international (Arabian Adventures) dealers enjoy the evening desert safari, which is one of our most popular products, and is available to all types of visitors, including children under the age of 12 and adults over the age of 60 years."

She stated that the tours provide experiences to enjoy all the activities provided by the "Dubai Desert Reserve", from getting to know the plant and animal wildlife in the desert, driving sand dune buggies, and efforts to preserve the desert environment.

She pointed out that the evening desert safari is the most famous trip, as the company allocates part of its fees to support efforts to preserve the Dubai desert reserve, at a time when participants enjoy driving on sand dunes, seeing wildlife, and experiencing all the unique desert activities available, including This includes "skiing" on the sand, and riding a camel.

They are also offered a three-course barbecue dinner, with soft drinks at the desert camp, in addition to a traditional entertainment program that begins at sunset, on an evening under a clear starry sky.

Precautionary measures

Thomas mentioned that the company's focus is on ensuring peace of mind for all guests when doing any of the tours and "safari" trips, pointing out that the company has developed non-contact service options as much as possible for the guests, in order to ensure physical distancing.

It also determined the capacity of each vehicle and the capacity of the desert camp, in addition to complete sterilization of each vehicle before the trip, measuring the temperature of the participants and providing hand sanitizers throughout the trip.

And she continued: “In recognition of the implementation of health and safety standards, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) granted the (Safe Travel) seal for (Arabian Adventures),” noting that the Council established the “Safe Travel” stamp to help travelers identify companies and destinations around the world that follow health and hygiene protocols. The special unit set up by the council has also approved Dubai as a safe destination.

The cost of the programs

Thomas stated that "Arabian Adventures" provides a variety of program options available to tourists. The cost of an evening desert safari in a shared car starts from 431 dirhams per person, while the price of the private car option for a family of five starts from a maximum of 1875. Dirhams.

A morning desert safari is available for those looking for a day full of excitement in the desert, for 422 dirhams per person in a shared car.

Local culture

In addition, Anuraj Sharma, a tour advisor at Dadabhai Travel Company, said that desert safari trips constitute one of the most important activities that international visitors accept during their stay in Dubai, noting that most of the travel packages that are offered in coordination With various tourism companies, activities include «Safari».

Sharma stated that between 50 and 60% of international visitors to Dubai accept these trips, due to their great appeal and popularity, as an opportunity to learn about local culture and hospitality, noting that organized companies and desert camps provide high-quality services to visitors as well.

He pointed out that the prices of trips vary from one company to another, and depend on activities and other factors.

He said that most of the "safari" trips are organized in the late afternoon and into the evening, allowing visitors to experience various tourist experiences and activities, starting from sunset, to stargazing and enjoy activities.

He explained that tourists are transported from their hotels in four-wheel drive cars, to enjoy the journey from the city to the sand dunes.

He stressed that in addition to local visitors, there is a remarkable demand from the country's population for these trips, especially during weekends or during long holidays, such as events and holidays, pointing out that the number of trips and the percentage of participants in these trips has been increasing since the reopening of activities. Tourist.

December reservations

In a related context, the Director of Operations at Dubai Link, Alaa Al-Hajj Ali, said that the levels of demand for “safari” trips in Dubai by international visitors and the country's population witnessed a significant growth during December 2020, compared to previous months, pointing out that the rate of reservations During the current period, it is still lower compared to the levels before the outbreak of the "Covid-19" pandemic, but the indicators are constantly increasing.

It was agreed on me that up to 60% of international visitors to Dubai go to desert camps and "safari" trips, and this percentage increases at greater rates during the winter months, stressing that "safari" trips are one of the most important tourist activities on the list of visitors' interests always.

He said that Dubai provided all the facilities and services, which enabled tourism companies to operate trips that attract large numbers of visitors.

Tourist safety

Hajj Ali explained: “The flights are currently operating according to several procedures, to ensure the safety of tourists and workers, in light of the current circumstances due to the (Covid-19) pandemic,” noting that the capacity in desert camps and vehicles has been reduced by up to 50%, while taking Safety measures at various stages.

He pointed out that prices vary from one company to another, according to the nature of the camp, the activities and events available, and the food and beverage lists, ranging between 125 and 400 dirhams or more per person, pointing out that this tourism is available throughout the months of the year, but at lower rates during the summer months.

High demand for tourism activities

Mamoun Humaidan, general manager of the company "Wego", which specializes in the sector of travel services and online reservations for the Middle East, North Africa and India, said that with the resumption of air traffic for passenger flights, and the return of Dubai receiving tourists from the world and the region, the UAE is witnessing an increase in demand for tourism activities. Especially with the advent of the winter season, and the distinctive offers and activities that the emirate offers for all family members in this season rich with events.

Humaidan added that one of the activities that witnesses the greatest demand and that attracts tourists and residents during this period, due to the cold weather, are "safari" trips in the desert, as part of various offers and programs of entertainment and various activities.

Activities and costs

The desert excursion programs announced by the organizing companies include many activities, starting with a four-wheel drive in the sand dunes, enjoying watching the sunset, and taking photographs, and then the trip continues to one of the camps in the heart of the desert, where you can relax and enjoy some of the Hot soft drinks and water.

Upon arrival, there is a list of activities to choose from, including camel rides through the dunes, trying henna painting, and relaxing in cushioned tents, while barbecues are being prepared, with oriental folklore to the rhythm of Arabic music.

The prices of "safari" trips range between 130 and 400 dirhams per person, as you switch between one company and another, according to the nature of services in the camps, the activities and events available, as well as the number of passengers per car.

Environmental standards and sustainable tourism

Justin Thomas, general manager of the Emirates Group Arabian Adventures Company, said: “We are committed to sustainable tourism, and we constantly monitor the carbon footprint of our operations. We run most of the safaris in the Dubai Desert Reserve, and donate part of the fees to local environmental protection projects.”

She emphasized the company's keenness to reduce the impact of "safari" trips on the environment to a minimum, by sorting garbage and recycling, in line with preservation guidelines and regulations, pointing out that the company's efforts in the field of sustainability have been honored with several awards, as the "Arabian Adventures" is considered The only operator in the Middle East for tours and tours, which has been awarded the CEMARS (Carbon and Energy Measurement and Reduction Program) award annually since 2010.

Requirements for tourist camps

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai is the competent authority in the emirate to regulate the establishment, management and operation of tourist camps.

Its powers in this regard include: setting the conditions, requirements, procedures and standards necessary for practicing this activity in the emirate, determining the minimum number of tourism services that must be available in the tourist camps, according to the category of the tourist camp, in line with the best practices followed in this regard, and deciding on the requests submitted to it. From the establishments to conduct the activity in the Emirate

The department also supervises the practice of establishing, managing and operating tourist camps in the emirate, to ensure that the conditions, requirements and standards that must be met in the tourist camps and the tourism services provided in them are met, in accordance with the specific categories of tourist camps.

The tourism establishment’s obligations include: adhering to the maximum capacity for the tourist camp according to its classification category, not changing the tourist camp’s location before obtaining a prior written approval, and not operating the tourist camp in the event of a decision to stop its activity. The tourist facility is also committed to fulfilling all contractual obligations towards visitors, and documenting All tourism services, and providing visitors with correct and complete data on tourism services, and the conditions for using them.

• The trips are operated according to several procedures, to ensure the safety of tourists in light of the circumstances of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

• The prices of desert excursions vary from one company to another, and depend on the type of camps.

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