Stellantis, the automotive group born from the alliance between the French PSA and the Italian-American Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) was officially born on Saturday.

Bernard Julien, economist and specialist in the automotive sector was the guest of Europe 1, Saturday, to analyze the consequences of such a union on the French automotive industry.


The marriage between the Fiat-Chrysler (FAC) and PSA groups becomes official on Saturday, to give birth to the world's fourth group in the sector.

Bernard Julien, economist and specialist in the automotive sector was the guest of Europe 1 on Saturday.

He detailed the advantages of this new entity, called "Stellantis", evoking a "new lease of life for French industry".

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"Historically major players"

What does Bernard Julien wish for PSA and FCA?

"To succeed", he said at the microphone of Europe 1. "These are two players who are historically major, but who had become a bit of dwarfs in the world landscape compared to Toyota or Volkswagen", continues the economist, also lecturer at the University of Bordeaux.

"There was a time when it was said that, below 4 million (of vehicles sold), we did not have much in the automobile. And today, the floor is rather set by analysts around 7 to 8 million, "he explains, adding that so far neither FCA nor PSA was there.

"There, they will be there".

The hope of taking a "renewed place"

According to Bernard Julien, this merger will allow the French automobile to attract a different look than that which was focused on it ten years ago, at the time when the reference was German.

A change of outlook also fueled by Renault's transfiguration.

"There is a new breath for the French industry", he assures, warning all the same about the intentions of China, which represents a quarter of the sales of cars in the world and intends, too , play a much more important role.

"Emmanuel Macron announced, on May 26, that France could take a certain leadership in electric and electrified vehicles, so we are waiting for this to materialize," adds the specialist.

"But there is real hope that French manufacturers will take a renewed place in the global context".