complained about McDonald’s store

due to "meat less meat"

: unsatisfied goods can be returned

  On January 13, which is also the first day of the twelfth lunar month, McDonald's announced a variety of new products on the market, among them the "roujiamo" that netizens were looking forward to.

However, after the product went on sale, netizens "tagged", claiming that the real object and the advertisement staged a difference between "buyer show and seller show".

In this regard, McDonald's customer service said that the company did not make uniform regulations on the meat content of the product in stores.

However, the store said that the product has "specification" requirements, and you can return it if you are not satisfied.

A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned on January 14 that many netizens said that "roujiamo" had been "improved" significantly.

  On the 13th, McDonald’s co-branded animation IP Nezha released a variety of new Spring Festival products.

Among them, the "roujiamo" only served for breakfast has attracted the attention of netizens.

Many netizens posted pictures on social media saying that "it is a real-life seller show and buyer show."

"What about meat?" This is the common opinion of many netizens who "spit out" McDonald's Roujiamo.

A reporter from the Beiqing Daily noticed that compared with the full sauced meat in the McDonald’s advertising pictures, most of the pictures posted by netizens have meat only about half the area of ​​the pie, and there are still white pie around. The thickness is not visible in the vertical direction. Netizens ridiculed as "Thinking it was a sesame seed."

  Earlier news said that McDonald’s customer service responded that the actual product prevails. Currently, the situation generally reported by netizens needs to be handled one-on-one.

Subsequently, a reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from many netizens that after the storm the day before, many netizens found that McDonald's meat sandwich products have improved significantly.

According to the photos of some netizens, the meat of the Roujiamo bought this morning can basically cover the dough.

  A reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily asked about the matter as a consumer. McDonald's China customer service said that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the meal, you can directly find a store to solve it.

Regarding whether the meat content of Roujiamo has a specific weight, the customer service said that the company has no specific requirements, and the weight of meat in Roujiamo needs to consult the store.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters also randomly consulted some McDonald's stores in Beijing.

The store operator said that the weight of the meat in the shop is fixed, but the specific figures are not easy to disclose.

  Text / reporter Zhang Xin