Renault 5 Prototype -


During the presentation of Groupe Renault's strategic plan, the manufacturer unveiled its strategy for the next five years and beyond.

Unsurprisingly, the brand will go digital with the “Software Republic”, an open ecosystem dedicated to software, data, cyber-security and microelectronics, which will provide services connected to the range.

In 2022, Renault will also unveil My Link, a new infotainment system based on Google technology.

Renault 5 Prototype - DR

In its range, the manufacturer will seek both to electrify and to offer more models: 14 new models will be launched by 2025 and 7 of them will be electric.

And of course, our crush goes to the Renault 5 Prototype, a compact and adorable, 100% electric city car.

The team was inspired by an iconic model of Renault heritage, known and recognized throughout the world, the R5.

In addition to a general design of obvious inspiration, nods to the original "5" are found in the side grille, wheels and rear logo.

The front and the fabric roof are inspired by the world of furniture to give a touch of charm to this car, which we can't wait to see in its final version.

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