New online shopping "lost items" scam: 1 yuan to buy headphones, cheated 4,000 yuan

Police reminded: When you encounter an abnormal online shopping order or customer service refund call, you must not listen

  The package shows that it is being delivered, but I suddenly received a call from the number remarked as "logistics express": "Sorry, your package was crushed during the delivery, or double compensation for you?" With a series of manipulation of entering the verification code , The buyer, Ms. Zhong, had thousands of yuan in her bank card transferred away.

Subsequently, she went to the police station to report the case.

So, how exactly was your shopping information leaked?

  The package shows that it is being delivered

  But the "customer service staff" told me to compensate for the damage

  More than 10 days ago, as a new user of an e-commerce platform, Ms. Zhong bought a headset that was originally more than 40 yuan for only 1 yuan.

Two or three days later, the system showed that the headset was being delivered. However, she did not receive her parcel when she arrived at the store. Instead, she waited for a call from the number noted as "logistics express".

  On the phone, a person who claimed to be a "courier customer service staff" first asked if Ms. Zhong had purchased items online, and at the same time correctly stated the logistics number of the goods purchased by Ms.

After Ms. Zhong confirmed that the logistics order number was correct from the shopping page, the "customer service staff" began to apologize to Ms. Zhong: "Sorry, the package was crushed during the delivery... or double compensation?"

  Ms. Zhong said that she told the “customer service staff” at that time: “It doesn’t matter if the money is not much.” But then the “customer service staff” called several times to apologize and told them to pay double compensation at the original price of more than 40 yuan for the headset. Ms. Zhong added her QQ account to the group to understand the claim process.

  After Ms. Zhong followed the "customer service staff" to guide into the group, she clicked on the page named "Express 100 Claim Center".

In the claims center, Ms. Zhong needs to enter her bank card number, ID number, name, login password, bank phone number reserved, SMS verification code and other information.

Below enter the login password, there is a green text stating: "6 digits is the refund password." At the same time, the main page also marked with obvious words: "The system will send a random verification code of 1-99999, input and deduction Nothing, please feel free to enter."

  The reporter inquired that there is indeed a "Express 100" express delivery platform, but according to the staff of the platform, "Express 100" is a platform for express delivery software. There is no claims center at all, and they will not contact customers for express claims. Received such complaints.

According to Ms. Zhong’s description, the staff member stated that he may have encountered telecom fraud and it is recommended to report to the police as soon as possible.

  Enter the verification code multiple times

  4000 yuan in the account was transferred away

  Under the "command" of the "customer service staff" throughout the process, Ms. Zhong entered the bank card number and other information, but the other party still said that the verification code was invalid.

  After the "customer service" asked Ms. Zhong for the SMS verification code many times, the "customer service" said, "It's really impossible to use Alipay, I will use Alipay to transfer the money to you".

Just when she was about to give the "customer service staff" Alipay account, her postal bank deduction text message came, showing that she is currently transferring 4000 yuan to the account Xiao Momin, ending in 8988.

  Ms. Zhong, who immediately woke up, realized that she was cheated, and immediately hung up the call of the "customer service staff". At this time, the courier came to deliver her a package with headphones and said that Ms. Zhong’s package was not damaged. .

Immediately, Ms. Zhong went to the local police station to report the case.

The next day, when Ms. Zhong dialed the number noted as "logistics express" again, she could no longer be contacted.

  Courier company

  There is no abnormal query on the party's express tracking number

  In response, the reporter asked the YTO express staff who undertook the delivery of the goods about Ms. Zhong’s express number.

The staff member said that after inquiring, Ms. Zhong's express tracking number could not be found abnormally in the system.

At the same time, shopping involves multiple links, and it is difficult to verify which link has gone wrong.

  The staff member also said that they also knew about similar scams before, that is, criminals impersonating YTO and other courier companies, sending false links to customers under the guise of active claims, and requesting bank card information from customers through WeChat or Alipay to implement fraud , Resulting in loss of customer property.

They have also been issuing reminders through various channels to remind customers that YTO Express has not authorized or entrusted any units or individuals to engage in active claims related matters.

If there is a problem with the express, please contact the YTO official customer service or local branch to confirm the handling in time, do not easily believe that the payment will be made privately.

  Police remind

  -Unfamiliar calls claiming to be "Taobao customer service" or "Express customer service", and you must be more vigilant if you have to provide refunds for goods purchased online or if there is an accident in express delivery.

  -Be cautious when adding strangers as QQ friends or WeChat friends, and use the "QQ Share Screen" function with caution to avoid the leakage of personal privacy, SMS verification codes and other important information, resulting in account funds being stolen.

  -When encountering an abnormal online shopping order or customer service refund call, be sure not to listen.

Use any software to contact customer service wherever you shop. Don't click on the link sent by the other party or scan the code.

  -Even in the event of a refund, it is still the same way. Social software such as WeChat and QQ cannot be used for official claims.

If you have any questions, call 110 for consultation.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Zhang Ling