FamilyMart, a major convenience store, has announced the appointment of its new president, Kensuke Hosomi, the executive officer of parent company ITOCHU.

Kensuke Hosomi, who will become the new president of FamilyMart on March 1, is now 58 years old.

He joined ITOCHU in 1986, and after working as a general manager of the textile business, he is currently the head of the department that oversees the retail business.

The current president, Takashi Sawada, will assume the role of vice chairman, and the chairman, Koji Takayanagi, will be removed from the position of chairman.

ITOCHU acquired almost all of FamilyMart's shares last year, and by allocating Mr. Hosomi, who has gained experience in the retail sector, to the new president, he will accelerate management decision-making and purchase data for convenience store stores. I would like to focus on developing new businesses and services through such means.