The Ministry of Labor is currently carrying out checks on the reality of apprenticeship in around twenty establishments.

He criticizes them for not having taken enough care of the situation of their students.

In the absence of companies, they must resolve to pay thousands of euros in tuition fees.


Nearly twenty training schools are in the government's sights.

The Ministry of Labor suspects them of having in fact recruited young people in the framework of apprenticeship courses, without really worrying about their reception by companies.

The consequence ?

Big disappointments for young people, who thought of becoming apprentices and who in fact find themselves simple students.

With, as a "double penalty", tuition fees to pay, which does not exist for learning.

10,000 young people would be affected

The incriminated institutions are private higher education schools which converted to apprenticeship after the 2018 reform and which have opened their doors wide to young people.

Obviously, the reception was not up to par because many of these young people do not manage, in the continuation, to find a company.

10,000 young people would be in this case, estimated Tuesday the newspaper

Les Echos


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The Ministry of Labor is currently carrying out checks because, for each of these young people waiting for a business, schools receive a bonus of 3,000 euros from the State, hence the suspicion of a misuse of the device on the backs of young people.

For students, in any case, there can be a feeling of deception.

"Truly ambiguous clauses"

This is what the president of the National Association of Apprentices points out, Aurélien Cadiou: "We have the impression that these new schools do not scrupulously respect the way apprenticeship works, as the older CFAs can do. and more traditional. It puts young people in complicated situations, sometimes with contracts to be signed with the school which engage them, to pay tuition fees of several thousand euros if ever they do not find an employer, then that it is totally illegal. And at the start of the school year, we had a number of future apprentices who were concerned about signing these contracts with the schools, which sometimes contain really ambiguous clauses. "

The apprentice does not have to pay tuition fees, but if he cannot find a business in which to apprentice, he becomes "simple" student again.

And there, the tuition fees catch up, with often several thousand euros to pay.