On the 12th after the Golden Week holidays, the yen exchange rate moved slightly against the dollar in the Tokyo foreign exchange market.

The yen exchange rate as of 5 pm was 104.15 to 17 yen, which is 18 yen weaker and the dollar stronger than last weekend.

Against the euro, the yen appreciated by 56 yen and the euro depreciated from 1 euro = 126.68 yen to 72 yen compared to last weekend.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.2163 to 64 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, "The US President-elect Joe Biden has announced a policy to propose additional economic measures to Congress, and from the view that the issuance of government bonds will increase, long-term interest rates will rise in the United States and the movement to buy high interest rate dollars The number of long-term interest rates in the United States has continued to rise at a rapid pace, and many investors are trying to carefully determine whether this trend will continue. "