, Kashgar, Xinjiang, January 12 (Chen Zhaolin, Huo Ran) "Aimeti, today I want to buy 35 naan, my daughter who is going to college in Xi'an wants to eat your naan." Early on the 12th, Kashgar, Xinjiang Minrebiguli Wupuer from Yingmaili Village, Jiashi County, rushed to the "Nang Xiaoshuai Cooperative" to buy nang.

  Rose sauce naan, walnut naan, spicy skin naan, badam naan... The head of the cooperative, Aimeti Helili, quickly packed the naan and delivered it to Rebiguli Wupuer.

  Aimeti Helili is a native of Ayaklangan Village, Yingmaili Township, Jiashi County. He used to make a living from naan in Urumqi.

Hearing that Jiashi County, his hometown, vigorously develops the naan industry, Aimeti Heli returned to the village to start a business.

"I found seven or eight villagers who did not have stable jobs and taught them skills." With the help of the government, Aimeti joined forces to set up the "Nang Xiaoshuai" cooperative in the township's poverty alleviation and enrichment base.

"Three of the employees of the cooperative are impoverished households with registered documents."

  When I walked into the cooperative, I saw that the shelves were filled with various kinds of naan, and the top floor was displayed with award certificates and plaques.

In 2020, Aimeti Helili represented the cooperative in the regional, county, and township three-level naan craft competition, and all won awards.

  "I have a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, and now I use an electric naan pit, which is not only convenient, clean, but also environmentally friendly." A scent of rose sauce burst out from the side of the naan, and the master Dawutijiang Abdu Rexiti fished out the steaming naan from the pit and did not forget to introduce it to the reporter.

  “Amat’s naan craftsmanship is good, and the apprentices he teaches are good. In 2019, their cooperative also sold a lot of naan naan to Inner Mongolia. In 2020, Jiashi County has nearly 60 supermarkets and supermarkets in surrounding counties and cities. , There are Nang Xiaoshuai cooperatives. The poor households who set up files and registered in the cooperative have all gotten out of poverty.” said Zuoreguli Yushan, deputy secretary of the Yingmaili Township Party Committee and mayor.

  Since 2019, Jiashi County of Kashgar Prefecture has been vigorously developing the naan industry and forming a naan for skills training, poverty alleviation, employment, production and processing, and warehousing and logistics in accordance with the development model of "the village has a naan hut, the township has a cooperative, and the county has a naan cultural industrial park". The industrial chain has effectively helped local people to stabilize their employment, alleviate poverty and increase income.

  In the 30,000-square-meter Nang Cultural Industry Park in Jiashi County, employees wearing white hats and work clothes are making noodles, sprinkling sesame seeds, and making nang... all busy doing their duties.

It is understood that a group of 20 naan employees can make 20,000 naan a day, an average of 1,000 naan per person.

  “I don’t have land in my family. With the help of the government, I came to the Naan Industrial Park to find employment. Now I have an average monthly salary of 4,700 yuan. My wife is responsible for making cakes, and my monthly salary is 3,000 yuan. The days of poverty have passed, and all aspects of life are getting better and better. "In the Nang Cultural Industry Park, Semitician Turhong, a villager in Xingfu Village, Tierimu Township, told reporters.

  Since 2019, Jiashi County has been vigorously developing the naan industry and forming a skill training, poverty alleviation, employment, production, processing, and warehousing logistics industry chain in accordance with the development model of “the village has a naan hut, the township has a cooperative, and the county has a naan cultural industrial park". It helped local people to stabilize their employment, get rid of poverty and increase income, and promoted the economic development of the county's tourism and agriculture.

  At present, the naan industry in Kashgar is booming, with nearly 200 naan processing enterprises and farmers' professional cooperatives, with an annual output value of 2.4 billion yuan.

In addition, the variety research and development, brand building, management mode, production standards, taste innovation, sales channels of naan are all changing closely with the market, becoming more standardized and standardized.

  The reporter learned that by the end of 2025, the Kashgar area will strive to achieve an annual sales income of about 7.5 billion yuan for naan products, stimulating the development of related industries such as raw materials, packaging, logistics, and catering services, with an annual output value of about 2.5 billion yuan; to build naan stores outside Xinjiang, There are over 1,000 image shops.

According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 50,000 families in Xinjiang have achieved poverty alleviation through the naan industry.