2.8 million small businessmen who suffered damage from the spread of Corona 19 can apply for a ``support fund'' (third disaster support fund) of up to 3 million won from 8 am tomorrow (11th).

According to the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, the amount of support fund support is KRW 4.1 trillion.

First of all, small business owners who have been banned from collective or business restrictions due to strengthening quarantine measures by the government and local governments since November 24 last year can receive 3 million won and 2 million won, respectively.

Even if a group ban or business restriction is enforced due to additional quarantine measures by the local government, payment is also eligible.

However, companies that violate the collective prohibition or business restrictions are not eligible for payment, and even if payment is received, it will be refunded if the violation is confirmed.

Small business owners whose sales were less than 400 million won last year and decreased from 2019 sales could receive 1 million won.

Even if you receive 1 million won due to a decrease in sales, if it is confirmed that last year's sales reported to the National Tax Service increased from the previous year, the support fund will be refunded.

It is important to note that all types of businesses that are prohibited from collective, restricted business, and general businesses are eligible for support fund payment only if they opened before November 30 last year.

Small business owners who opened last year can receive subsidies if their annual sales in terms of sales from September to December are less than KRW 400 million and sales in December are less than the average monthly sales from September to November.

Businesses other than small business policy financing such as speculative business, real estate leasing, and professional occupations cannot receive supporting funds.

Even a business operator who has not registered as a business cannot receive support funds.

Supporting funds are not eligible for support funding for other disaster support projects such as emergency employment security support for special type workers and freelancers, livelihood support for visiting and caring service workers, and income stabilization fund for corporate taxi drivers.

Small business owners receive a text message informing them that they are eligible for application tomorrow and apply immediately to receive support funding as early as the afternoon of the day or the morning of the 12th.

You can apply for the support fund from 8:00 am tomorrow on the website (Support Fund.kr).

For smooth application, small business owners with odd numbers at the end of the business registration number on the 11th and even numbers on the 12th can apply.

From the 13th, all eligible applicants can apply.

When applying for the support fund, you will need a mobile phone and a bankbook in the name of the representative.

The applicant agrees to provide the information, enters the business registration number to inquire whether the person is eligible, and then must verify the identity through mobile phone authentication or a joint certificate.

After that, you can enter additional information such as company name, business address, and account number.

You can receive the result of the support fund application and the fact of deposit by text message.

Inquiries can be made through the call center dedicated to the support fund (1522-3500) or online chat consultation on the support fund website.

In principle, the support fund application is processed online for quick payment.

(Photo = Yonhap News)