It aims to enhance the emirate's position and attractiveness to investors around the world

An expert launches a community initiative to introduce investment opportunities in Dubai real estate

Walid Al-Zarouni: "The investment awareness is what makes development, and makes a difference for the major economies in the region."

The real estate expert, Chairman of W Capital Real Estate Brokerage, Walid Al Zarouni, launched a community initiative to introduce real estate investment opportunities in Dubai, and to reinforce the emirate's leading position as an attractive city for real estate investors from around the world.

The new initiative includes organizing an open discussion session once a month with those interested in the promising real estate market in Dubai, and new investors wishing to learn about the investment opportunities available in the emirate and the regulatory regulations and legislation.

The discussion session sheds light on the mechanisms of successful real estate investment, as well as a review of the most prominent real estate projects in Dubai, and a comparison between the offers currently available from real estate developers.

Al-Zarouni said, “Organizing the open session aims to help promote Dubai as a leading destination on the world’s real estate map, and to open the door for the Arab and foreign real estate investor to more knowledge about the available opportunities, after the position it has achieved to become now the best city in real estate investment in the region, enhancing its merit. One of the best-performing cities during the (Covid-19) pandemic.

He explained that the real estate sector in Dubai maintained its attractiveness during the year 2020 despite the financial and economic challenges of the "Covid-19" pandemic, which reflects the size of the opportunities available in the sector as conditions improve during 2021.

He referred to the incentives and facilities that Dubai provides to the real estate sector, especially in terms of foreign ownership of up to 100% and the announcement of initiatives to grant free stays for periods of up to 10 years, as well as the attractive low prices that encourage individual investors, funds or real estate developers themselves to buy during the period. Current.

Al-Zarouni said, "The demand for larger spaces has increased during the recent period, due to remote work policies and the need for recreational and green spaces within the property, as well as the decline in the value of maintenance and service fees and the diversification of real estate supply in the market."

He continued, "The developers are relying heavily on the real estate sector benefiting from the organization of the (Expo 2020 Dubai) exhibition, which extends for about six months."

He stressed that investment awareness is what makes development and makes a difference to the major economies in the region, noting the attractive opportunities with high returns, as well as the strategic security that provides real estate investment in general, but is greatly enhanced in a global market such as Dubai.

He stated that the facilities provided by the developers are unprecedented, and the payment systems are comfortable to the maximum degree, up to five years after receiving the unit, indicating that the market is governed by supply and demand, but it is currently suffering from high supply, and he is expected to increase offers from developers during 2021 amid efforts to provide liquidity. Required to finance future projects.

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