On January 6, local time, the New York Stock Exchange issued an announcement stating that "will continue to promote the delisting of the following companies in accordance with US laws."

  The companies referred to by the NYSE are China Telecom Corporation Limited, China Mobile Corporation Limited and China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited.

  The announcement stated that the decision was made based on the latest guidance provided to the NYSE by the Foreign Assets Control Office of the Ministry of Commerce on January 5, that is, "According to Executive Order No. 13959, no one may "After 30 minutes", we will conduct transactions with three telecommunications companies.

  The New York Stock Exchange stated that in order to implement the regulations, it will stop the above-mentioned company transactions at 4 am on the 11th.

  On December 31, the NYSE announced that in accordance with the Trump Administration’s Executive Order No. 13959, that in the name of national security, American individuals and companies are prohibited from trading with certain Chinese companies and their subsidiaries, and funds holding their securities. Three Chinese telecommunications companies have delisted listed companies in the United States.

However, on January 4, there was a reversal. The NYSE announced that it would no longer seek to delist the above companies after communication. This is the second time the NYSE has had a 180-degree attitude reversal on related matters.

(CCTV reporter Xu Dezhi)