To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Miyazaki Prefecture has decided to ask new restaurants in Miyazaki City to shorten their business hours by 8:00 pm.

The period is from 9th to 22nd of this month.

This was revealed at a press conference by Governor Kono of Miyazaki Prefecture on the 6th.

According to this, the period for requesting restaurants that serve sake in Miyazaki City to shorten the business hours to 8:00 pm is the same as Miyakonojo City and Mimata Town, which is two weeks from 9th to 22nd of this month. The offer is required to be until 7 pm.

For the entire period, we will provide a total of 280,000 yen to the stores that respond to the request, 20,000 yen per day.

On the other hand, as of the 6th, although he did not step into the request to refrain from going out, Governor Kono said at a press conference, "I have to ask depending on the infection situation after tomorrow," and is proceeding with coordination with Miyazaki City. I made it clear.

Governor Kono said, "In this prefecture, where medical care is vulnerable, the situation is more serious than the number. I thought that the entire prefecture needed to step on the brakes before reaching the stage of infection explosion," and asked the citizens of the prefecture for cooperation. ..

In Miyazaki Prefecture, the number of newly infected people per 100,000 population in the last week has reached 23.9, the seventh highest in Japan as of the 5th, and the situation is worsening.