In the era of great development of equity funds, high-quality funds with real long-distance running capabilities have received more and more attention.

Morningstar recently released a five-year fund performance ranking list. Among the performance rankings of common stock funds in the past five years, the ICBC Credit Suisse Culture and Sports Industry Stock Fund (fund code: 001714) managed by Yuan Fang ranked first with an annualized return of 30.22%. And among the top ten funds, the retracement is the lowest, and the maximum retracement is only -20.43%.

  Looking back over the past five years, A-shares have experienced a variety of market conditions such as bear markets, shock markets, and structural bull markets. Public funds have given full play to their professional investment capabilities to strive for excess returns.

According to data from Galaxy Securities, as of the end of 2020, the average return of equity funds in the past five years has reached 57.76%, significantly outperforming the CSI 300's 39.68% rise.

As the leader among them, the cumulative return of ICBC Sports Industry's stock in the past five years is as high as 274.55%.

  Since its establishment in late 2015, ICBC Sports Industry has been managed by Yuan Fang.

She insisted that investment should be based on the original intention of customers. In investment practice, Yuan Fang used her own three-tier system methodology to strive for steady growth in income and a relatively controllable return on return. ICBC Style Industrial stocks have also become the best practice of its investment philosophy. It won the third place in the 2016 stock fund in the following year of its establishment, and has significantly outperformed the performance comparison benchmark every year for five years.

According to data from Galaxy Securities, as of December 31, ICBC's cultural and sports industry stocks rose 79.06% in the just past 2020, ranking first in its class with 153.51% in the past three years, which can be described as stable.

While obtaining good returns, the ability of ICBC's cultural and sports industry stocks to control retracements is also ahead of the class.

According to the data, as of December 31, 2020, the largest retracement of ICBC's cultural and sports industry in the past five years was -20.43%, which is far lower than the average of -36.46% of comparable funds in the same category; The ratio (annualized) is 2.45, far exceeding the average level of 1.80 in its category.

  Relying on its outstanding performance, ICBC Culture and Sports Industry's stocks have become the stock funds held by the most publicly offered FOFs in the first three quarters of 2020, and are widely recognized by institutional investors.

In four years, he won 1 Golden Bull Award, 1 Golden Fund Award, and 2 Star Fund Awards. The three-year five-star ratings of Haitong, Yinhe and Morningstar have also become the best testimony of the outstanding performance of the fund. Yuan Fang also Become the top "Grand Slam" fund manager in the market.

  As the investment strength is verified in the long-term performance, Yuan Fang has also gained the trust of more and more investors.

According to the data, as the top “ten billion fund manager” in the market, the number of holders of the 4 funds managed by Yuan Fang reached 163,000. As of the end of the third quarter of 2020, these 4 funds have accumulated The profit of more than 5.808 billion yuan has continued to create substantial returns for investors.

  In order to better meet the needs of investors, on the occasion of the investment layout of the New Year in 2021, Yuan Fang once again made the foundation. The ICBC Credit Suisse Yuanfeng three-year holding period hybrid fund (fund code: 011006), which she intends to lead, will be held on January 11. Issued on

As a product with a three-year holding period, ICBC Yuanfeng has a combination of offensive and defensive features, A+H layout, and a three-year holding period. Equity assets account for 60%-95% of fund assets. Among them, the proportion of stocks that are invested in Southbound Stock Connect investment accounts for 0%-50% of the fund’s stock assets. At the same time, the setting of a three-year holding period is conducive to reducing the impact of liquidity caused by capital in and out, allowing fund managers to focus on investment and Research to obtain long-term income; on the other hand, it can guide investors from short-term investment to long-term investment, avoiding chasing ups and downs, frequent trading and other behaviors.