Green meadows, water sports and fishing, with free yoga sessions

January Dubai .. Dazzling lights and family times with music and parties

Bluewaters Island witnesses the longest display of optical drones.


Dubai pulses with many entertainment events and activities that provide various tourism experiences for the residents and visitors of the emirate, amid precautionary measures, with the beginning of the new year, starting with watching the longest "optical drone" shows on "Bluewaters" Island and "The Beach" opposite the "GBR" area. , Amidst the bright colors and dazzling lights that increase the beauty of the emirate's beaches, and distinguish it with amazing performances that decorate the Dubai skyline, which will last for 45 days, until the end of this January.

A family destination

The open-air Dubai Shopping Festival markets are a favorite family destination, as everyone enjoys a new integrated shopping experience, enhanced by the pleasant winter weather, in addition to wandering among the platforms that display the products of the vendors and the work of local artisans, with the opportunity to choose gifts suitable for this season As well as tasting different foods and appetites from the food trucks spread around the place, and experiencing the most beautiful family times with music performed by local artists, with live entertainment and artistic performances throughout the day.

Food District

As for the ideal destination for a weekly shopping tour, it may be to buy the best types of fruits and vegetables from "Food District" in "The Point", where you get these products and many more directly from Emirati farmers every Saturday, until the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, from eight in the morning. Until two in the afternoon at the designated site.

The Ripe Market

The "Ripe Market" market returns to where it set off from the green meadows in the park of "Dubai Police Academy", where a distinctive shopping experience awaits you with the wonderful winter atmosphere in the city, wandering between platforms that display craftsmen's work, with the opportunity to obtain local organic products, and savor delicious meals. Variety, as well as entertainment shows suitable for all family members, live music performance, educational shows by Dubai Police, manual workshops and free yoga sessions.


During the current month, you can enjoy the wonderful winter atmosphere in Zabeel Park, in the heart of Dubai, until January 15th, as many wonderful moments are available for families in the green spaces, while children enjoy various entertainment activities.


Sports fans can start the new year with vitality, by participating in the "Super Sports Night Run" series in Dubai, where the fourth race of this series will start tomorrow, over the green meadows in "Meydan", where the race suits all ages and levels of fitness. And while heritage occupies a major position in the winter water sports program in Dubai, the "Dubai Flying Board Championship" injects a great dose of enthusiasm and offers a modern form of water sports.

Places can be reserved along the shoreline of the beach, located behind the «Sunset Mall», to enjoy watching the events of this competition on January 15 and 16.


It is also possible to experience interesting times, and follow the events of the "Dubai Fishing Kayak and Electric Boat Championship", which is an attractive and lively station within the water sports competitions organized by the "Dubai International Marine Sports Club", and watch the "kayak" that is controlled by hand. It is sailing smoothly over the water, between January 21 and 23.


Dubai is also witnessing artistic concerts by local and international artists. If you want to spend a distinguished evening with its Arab musical atmosphere, do not miss the live concert hosted by the member of the jury in the "Arabs Got Talent" program, Najwa Karam and Majid Al Mohandes, on January 15th.


Cinema Akil is considered the first and permanent cultural destination in Dubai on "Al Serkal Avenue". You are on a date with the screening of the movie "The Ideal Candidate", which was nominated for Saudi Arabia for the best foreign language film category, at the 92nd Academy Awards, after a young Saudi woman faced a lot Among the obstacles to achieving her dreams, she launched a surprise campaign to nominate her to the local elections in her city, with the aim of breaking traditions, while the Sudanese director and film producer, Suhaib Qesm Al-Bari, strengthens his cultural vision and his artistic-political point of view, in his distinguished documentary film entitled «Talking about trees », Sohaib also presents the details of the history of Sudanese cinema, and highlights the continuous artistic struggle to revive its role.

Dubai hosts many entertainment events and activities.

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