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people are most curious about is how long will this rise continue?

In particular, recently, there are people who are investing by paying debt. It is good when it rises, but when the flow changes, the wave is bound to be greater.

Reporter Lim Tae-woo summarized the stories of experts on our stock market outlook and what to keep in mind for investment at this point.


[CEO John Lee/Meritz Asset Management: One of the biggest reasons I see the Korean market encouragingly is the fact that there are still many people who have not entered the stock market, so there is a high possibility of money inflow in the future. Another thing is that retirement pension is a huge part, in the stock market.

The retirement pension still has the lowest share of stocks in the world.]

[Jin-Woo Lee/Meritz Securities Investment Strategy Team Leader: The stock price seems to be a result of earnings.

In the past, when we recorded the 2600 line in 2017, the annual net profit of KOSPI was 143 trillion won.

However, over the next year and the next year, it is highly likely that Korean corporate profits will level up to 150 trillion won or more, so I expect the time to become familiar with the 3,000 index level.]

[Sang-young Seo/Kiwoom Securities Investment Strategy Team Leader: Bubble. There are concerns, but I think it should be said that there is enough room to rise as much as possible.

It is highly likely that Korea's export growth rate will continue to increase throughout the first half.

If the export growth rate slows down due to the base effect, then the sale may be sorted out, so you should be careful from the second half of the year.]

[Kim Young-ik/Professor, Sogang University Graduate School of Economics: The adjustment factor is expected to come from the United States.

When interest rates rise, stock prices fall.

So, we have to carefully observe how the US inflation progresses and the US interest rate.]

[Jin-Woo Lee/Meritz Securities Investment Strategy Team Leader: Looking at the results and investing is a more effective option.

This year, it would be more advantageous to compress mainly large-cap stocks that are supported by performance rather than small- and medium-cap stocks rising due to certain expectations.]

[Jon Lee/Meritz Asset Management CEO: If we go to the casino, can we win once or twice?

But in the end, you lose everything.

The same goes for stocks.

You can never earn in the short term.

That's the truth.]