Each industry has begun to consider what to do if an emergency declaration is issued for one of the three prefectures in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

(As of 8:00 pm on the 6th)

Super convenience store will continue to operate as usual

At supermarkets, as a general rule, business hours will not be shortened for AEON Retail, Maruetsu, Yaoko, Inageya, OK, and Summit, which have stores in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.

Each company is strengthening its response by increasing purchases more than usual, focusing on instant noodles and retort foods, in case bulk purchases increase.

In principle, major convenience stores Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, and Lawson will continue to operate as usual.

Commercial facility department store

In commercial facilities, LUMINE, a fashion building, has decided to shorten its business hours from 7th to 8:00 pm for 15 stores in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.

As for department stores, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store, Sogo & Seibu, and Matsuya are all considering shortening the business hours of restaurants and other dining floors in response to requests, and for other sales floors. It is said that it has not been decided whether to shorten the business hours.

There is a possibility that the restaurant chain will be divided

Some izakaya chains have decided to shorten their business hours or close their businesses, and family restaurants are also considering shortening their business hours upon request.

On the other hand, some restaurant chains are difficult to manage, and some want to continue operating at night, so there is a possibility that future measures will be divided.

Colowide, which develops izakaya chains such as "Amataro," and Watami, which develops "Miraizaka," will be in Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures from the 8th until the declaration is lifted. Announced that it will shorten business hours and close stores in Tokyo.

At family restaurants, Saizeriya, Seven & i Food Systems, which operates "Denny's," and Royal Holdings are considering shortening business hours.

Skylark Holdings is considering it.

The Gyudon chain Sukiya, Yoshinoya, and Matsuya have all stopped serving alcoholic beverages in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures, and are open late at night and 24 hours a day, but business hours after the state of emergency are requested. The policy is to make a final decision after looking at the contents.

For fast food such as hamburger chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken has decided to shorten the store's business hours, including take-out support, and Mos Burger will review the time it takes to eat and drink in the store based on the request. I will.

"We will consider it when requested," McDonald's said.

Many beef bowl chains and fast food companies are also considering what to do with business hours such as take-out and home delivery services.

On the other hand, some restaurant chains are difficult to manage, and some want to continue business at night, so there is a possibility that future measures will be divided.

Amusement facilities

Consideration has also begun at theme parks and movie theaters.

Of these, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea will shorten their business hours from the 8th to the 31st of this month, and will close the park one hour earlier to 8:00 pm.

In addition, Sanrio Puroland, located in Tama City, Tokyo, will shorten the business hours of holidays from 9th to 31st of this month, and will close the park 2 hours earlier to 5 pm.

At movie theaters, TOHO Cinemas and United Cinema Group are suspending sales of advance tickets that can be purchased from 2 days before the screening at movie theaters in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures from 8 days.

Depending on the content of the declaration, the business hours of the movie theater may change, so for the time being, only same-day tickets will be sold.

Aeon Cinema says that it will consider the response after the 7th after seeing the declaration and the request of the local government.

Bank ATMs as usual

According to the major banks "Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation", "Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ", "Mizuho Bank", and "Resona Bank", even if a state of emergency is declared for one metropolitan area and three prefectures, ATM = cash The automatic teller machine can be used as usual.

The business of each store is normal, but as part of infection prevention measures, we are calling for you to use Internet banking as much as possible for procedures such as transfer in order to avoid congestion in the store.

Also, Japan Post Bank ATMs can be used as usual.