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Reporter Kim Hye-min is here.

Good morning.

The first news this year is real estate news.


Yes, the first news of the new year is to summarize the real estate measures that will change in the future.

First of all, as you all know, the comprehensive real estate tax rate rises significantly.

If you own only one house, it doesn't actually go up much, but the problem is that if you have two or more real estate in the adjusted area, or if you have three or more, even if you are not in the adjusted area, the tax rate will increase sharply by up to 6%.

On the other hand, there are some generations where the tax is reduced.

If you own only one home for 5 years or more, and if you are 60 or older, this is reduced by up to 80%.

Here's a way to reduce the tax even a little. There are couples who have a house under the common name.

Until now, both couples have been able to receive tax deductions of up to 1.2 billion won.

However, if the published price of a house exceeds 1.2 billion won, it will exceed this tax deduction section.

It is more advantageous to receive deductions up to 900 million won in the single name first, and to receive additional deductions for the elderly, as explained above.

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this not just the increase in the ending tax?


Yes, that's right.

In the future, the transfer tax is also increasing significantly to make it difficult to buy and sell houses. If you buy a house and sell it within one year, you will have to pay 70% of the margin of this, and up to 60% if you sell it within one to two years.

There are also multi-homed people who have two or more houses in the area subject to adjustment.

The heavy tax rate for the transfer tax also rises significantly.

In the meantime, you only have to pay 10-20% points more than the basic tax rate, but from now on, you have to pay 10% more each.

So, you have to pay 20~30% points more.

This policy applies to housing transfers from June 1st, so there is a possibility that multi-homed people who want to avoid taxes in the future will pour out these items by the end of May.


If that happens, there may be some price adjustments around May.

And reporter Kim, what else is changing?


Yes, and starting this year, the number of houses for sale will also be included in the number of houses. Until now, if you have a house and an apartment sale right, you have not paid the transfer tax even if you sold the house after that.

However, starting today, if you acquire a new sale right, it will be included in the number of houses and the transfer tax will increase significantly.

It might be that the family was lined up and was trying to move to a large house and temporarily became a one-house, one-sales right.

These people are a little unfair.

If it applies also at this time, it is a little excessive, such an opinion came out.

So, the government decided to apply a special tax exemption in such cases.


Those who have plans to sell this year should really take a closer look.

What do homeless people must know?


Yes, starting in June of next year, you must file a report not only for sales contracts, but also for cheonsei contracts.

The contracting parties must jointly report to the local government within 30 days.

If you do not report or report falsely or falsely, you will also be charged a fine.

Residential officetels are also included in this category, and there are places such as dormitories and Gosiwons where you cannot report moving in.

Excluding these places.

In addition, the income standard that can be subscribed to is eased. If a newlywed couple is a special supply, it is a special job for newlyweds.

If you subscribe to private housing in this way, single-income will be reduced to 140% of the average monthly income of city workers and double-income to less than 160%.

But when I say this, you can't really understand how much this is.

As of last year, when I calculated once, a single-income couple without children should have a monthly income of 61.3 million won or less, and a double-earning should not exceed 7.1 million won.

Even when you buy a private house with special supply for the first time in your life, you must have a monthly income of 7,100,000 won or less.

It is said that the government has expanded the monthly income standard a lot, but there are still many opinions that this is too low or strict.

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last news.

You said the public price is changing again?


Yes, there are apartments like apartment houses.

For this, the quoted price will be set to 90% of the market price by 2030 and by 2035 for detached houses.

The timing of realization by price range is a bit different, for example, apartments under 900 million won will rise to 70% by 2023.

After that, it will increase by 3 percentage points every year, and it will be set to 90% in 2030.

Raising the public price every year will inevitably increase the burden of property taxes and taxation taxes on the people.

That is why the government has decided to partially lower the property tax rate for houses with the official price of 600 million won or less for those who own one house for three years from this year.

But the problem is that you can hardly find houses under 600 million won in Seoul.

Some point out that it is not effective.