China News Online, January 6th (Li Jiajia, Li Qiuying, Chen Feng) Due to the epidemic, more and more small Chinese families choose to spend the Lunar New Year in situ by "squatting in their nests and not traveling far", so they make big dishes "small". "Small Family New Year's Eve Dinner" is particularly popular in Shanghai this year.

  A small portion of New Year's Eve dinner can make it easy for a small family to spend the "big" year.

This year, Hema teamed up with Shanghai Old Restaurant to launch a "memory taste New Year's Eve dinner" package for families of 4-6 people during the Chinese New Year, including the signature Eight Treasure Duck New Year dishes from the Shanghai Old Restaurant and the Four Happiness of Hema Workshop Baked bran, squirrel mandarin fish and other homemade delicacies are available, and the average cost per person is less than 100 yuan (RMB, the same below).

Hema also co-branded with Pepsi-Cola to launch the "Five Blessings and Boasting New Year's Eve Dinner" for 3-4 people, which is also aimed at urban families who choose to "do not return home, do not party" this Spring Festival.

  Chen Meijun, head of catering in Hema’s Shanghai area, told reporters that this year is Hema’s third year of cooking new year dishes, but it is the first year to launch the "small family New Year’s Eve dinner", hoping to let those who stay in the city for the New Year’s Eve abandon the burden. , No need to book a banquet or dine out in advance, you can have a simple and effortless New Year’s Eve dinner at home.

  Although it is a tailor-made set meal for the "small family", the quality of the dishes has not "shrunk".

Pang Ziyue, marketing assistant of the innovative business group of Shanghai Yuyuan Cultural Food Group, said that the Shanghai Old Hotel has launched three new year's eve blessing baskets, which are 1,288 yuan, 988 yuan, and 688 yuan.

Less than a month after its launch, thousands of small 688 yuan blessing basket packages have been sold out and sold out.

According to the sales data of the past Spring Festival, the old Shanghai family portrait, Sixi roasted bran, and local braised pork are the most popular dishes for Shanghai consumers.

The Old Shanghai Hotel has launched three New Year's Eve dinner blessing baskets at RMB 1,288, RMB 988, and RMB 688.

Less than a month after its launch, thousands of small 688 yuan blessing basket packages have been sold out and sold out.

Photo by Li Qiuying

  Develop lightweight New Year's Eve dinner "big dishes" to facilitate meals for small families and reduce waste.

Dingdong Maicai specially made big dishes "small" this year. For example, the 299 yuan Buddha jumps over the wall, which contains 4 Aegean wild rice sashimi, 4 dried abalones, 4 braised goose palms, a yellow beef tendon, dried flower glue, fish belly, etc. The portion is reduced, the taste and nutrition are not reduced, just enough for a small family of 2-4 people.

According to reports, the Buddha Jumping Wall product has been popular since it went online and sold tens of thousands of copies in Shanghai every day.

  Although they cannot return to their hometown for the New Year, the Chinese are more concerned about the taste of their hometown.

In the past month, Huang Tiantian, a clerk at the Hema Da Puqiao store, has been asked by customers every day if he has Chinese sausages, bacon, and chicken drumsticks. Most people will also ask whether it is a hometown practice.

"I heard that there are from Hunan, Hubei, and Sichuan. They have different accents. I can roughly tell the difference if I ask more." Huang Tiantian is a native of Sichuan, and she always recommends authentic Sichuan meat when she meets fellow villagers. "My family will eat this for Chinese New Year this year. This tastes right."

  There are not only Sichuan-style bacon sausage, Yangzhou-style chicken and goose, Suzhou eight-treasure rice... Hema Workshop has recently launched three Cantonese-style pot dishes, "Get rich", "Jixiang Ruyi" and "Eight Treasure Jufu". Let you choose to stay Southern families celebrating the New Year in Shanghai can win the Spring Festival just like their hometown.

Dingdong Maicai also launches dishes from various cuisines, such as Hong Kong-style Buddha Jumping the Wall, Hainan Wenchang Coconut Chicken, Old Beijing Yangxiezi Hot Pot, Local Eight Treasure Duck, Sichuan-style Boiling Bullfrog...Southeast, Northwest China, in Shanghai this year. In the supper army, there are everything from all over the world.