Following the


gym, this time, cafe owners are opposing the government's business restrictions.

They say that they can't stand up to the government's rules of entertainment, just like a Taekwondo gym, but not a gym, and a brunch cafe, but not a cafe.

This is Lee Sung-hoon.

<Reporter> As the

ban on hall use has been extended by two weeks, cafe owners have decided to start a relay demonstration starting today (6th).

Even though they sell the same drinks, the brunch café can be operated as a store, so when a controversy over equity arose, Daebon Bang announced that it would supplement the ambiguous guidelines, but nothing changed.

[Go Jangsu/Chairman of the Federation of National Cafe Presidents: I eat food that goes into my mouth the same way, but it becomes a fast food restaurant and a brunch café, but the only cafe is a very harsh regulation...

.] There

is not one or two instructions for prevention of entertainment and luck.

In August, the PC room was closed as a high-risk facility, but after a month of protest, only food sales were banned and business was allowed.

Recently, in a ban on meetings of 5 or more people in the metropolitan area, golf course caddies were also included in the number of people, but as the backlash grew, it was decided to exclude them after about a week.

The controversy over indoor sports facilities was raised by the quarantine authorities, but the owners of sports facilities protested that there was no basis.

[Lee Kyung-il/Screen golf course operation: The size of each room is at least 10 pyeong.

It is a space where 2-3 people from 10 pyeong visit and enjoy a game with moderate exercise. Why should it be banned?

.] As the

standards are unclear, the backlash is growing as to why only I have to endure the difficulties, and the standards need to be supplemented to draw cooperation in quarantine.