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is a corner full of substantial information.

It's a friendly economic time.

Reporter Kim Hye-min is also here today (5th).

Reporter Kim Have you ever invested in bitcoin?


I tried it 3 years ago, but now I am not.

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these days it's going up a lot.


However, it is a bit dangerous to enter now because it has already risen too much, and as you know now, Bitcoin has risen a lot.

That is why there are many people who are interested in bitcoin again these days.

Bitcoin, which is called the blacksmith of this cryptocurrency, will first explain the recent trend.

At the beginning of last year, it was about 8 million won per bit, but this amounted to 30 million won at the end of last year, and it was close to 40 million won.

So, it jumped nearly five times in one year. At this time, the bitcoin market cap surpassed Samsung Electronics, which was the No. 1 in the KOSPI, and was close to the Tesla market cap.

This sudden jump in bitcoin price is a combination of several factors.

First of all, the US is releasing astronomical dollars on the market to stimulate the economy.

Bitcoin and gold are attracting attention as assets that can absorb this investment.

Also, there are many people who know PayPal, an American payment service company, such as Toss or Kakao Pay in Korea.

The recent announcement here also had a big impact.

This company has come up with a plan to allow payments with cryptocurrency from next year.

Then, most internet shopping malls around the world will be able to pay with cryptocurrency in the future.

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has risen a lot, but why did Bitcoin rise a lot before, then in 2018, then suddenly plunged again?

Couldn't such a similar situation be produced?


That's right.

You are worried a lot about it now.

However, the rise in 2018 and this rise is a little different, and the one who argues this is that if it was individuals' ``don't ask investment'' that raised the price of bitcoin at the time, there are now much more institutional investors.

As countries have released money, liquidity has become abundant around the world.

That's why institutions invest in such bitcoin in terms of portfolio dispersion, and JPMorgan, who evaluated bitcoin as a'fraud' in 2017, said, "It's not my taste, but I support blockchain." I made a different evaluation.

Asset managers have also started to jump into bitcoin investments.

A global chief expert at Citibank also came up with such an unprecedented prospect that bitcoin could go up to 300 million won at the end of this year.

On the other hand, claims that the price of bitcoin is bubbling is not easy, but there are also concerns that the nightmare of 2018 could repeat itself if the Fed raises interest rates someday.

Also, there are still criticisms such as "Bitcoin is neither a currency nor an asset", "Bitcoin price is being manipulated by big-handed investors, and this bubble will soon extinguish."


I'm worried that Bitcoin will rise a lot and fall a lot, and I don't think it's easy to invest, but since it has risen so much, it seems that there are many people who are interested. Is there a safe way to invest?

<Reporter> There

are characteristics of Bitcoin.

From time to time, the price fluctuates significantly. If you look at the Bloomberg statistics, the average daily rate of change for Bitcoin is 2.7%.

It is very high compared to the 0.9% fluctuation in gold price.

Yesterday, bitcoin suddenly fell by more than 10%, and it is still falling.

Moreover, it is difficult for investors to know why Bitcoin is rising and falling so suddenly, and even when analyzing growth potential like stocks, ordinary people may have limited access to this information.

Experts recommend that you approach investment after studying like stocks centering on cryptocurrencies that are well-known.

[Professor Seong-Joon Park/Director of Blockchain Research Center, Dongguk University: There is something called a white paper describing the project for cryptocurrencies.

If you can judge by looking at the growth potential, stability, and feasibility of this project while looking at the white paper, it will not be a big



Also, rather than repeating buying and selling with a single stroke, he advised that it should be carefully purchased and held for a long time from a long-term perspective. .