Dealers confirm that checks have been returned despite having balances in their accounts

Two bankers: A bounced check for "technical reasons" does not affect the credit report, nor does it charge any fees

  • The fee for returning the check ranges between 200 and 300 dirhams.


  • Awatef Al-Harmoudi: “The customer is held accountable for the bounced check, due to insufficient funds, or for errors related to the validity of the signature.”


Two bankers have confirmed that the customer cannot bear the result of bounced checks for technical reasons, whether an individual or a company, and that he does not pay fees for them.

They explained to "Emirates Today" that banks in this case deal according to a specific and recognized mechanism, which requires that the customer not be charged with any consequences, whether the technical failure is in the banks' systems themselves, or in the clearing system of the central bank, pointing out that this also does not affect the The credit report of the customer.

Dealers confirmed to Emirates Today yesterday that checks have been returned to them in more than one bank, despite the presence of sufficient funds in their bank accounts to cover those checks, pointing out that employees in those banks informed them of technical defects that led to the return of these checks.

They said that returning checks to the companies in particular affects their reputation and confidence in them, demanding an explanation that shows that the check is returned due to a technical failure, and the dealer has no relationship with it.

Bounced checks

In detail, the banking expert, Atef Al-Harmoudi, said that banks have a common policy in such cases related to technical failure, as the customer does not bear any fees as a result of returning his checks, and it has no effect on the credit report of the customer.

Al-Harmoudi explained that the client is held accountable for the returned check, due to insufficient funds, errors related to the validity of the signature, or other reasons for returning checks in which the customer is directly responsible, but in the event of technical defects, the customer is not held accountable or any consequences are charged. Rather, the check is sent back to the central bank's clearing system.

Technical reasons

For his part, Director of Operations at a National Bank, Samer Ali, said that such malfunctions occur infrequently, but banks deal with them according to the Central Bank's directives not to burden the customer in such cases, especially the check return fees that range between 200 and 300 Dirhams.

He added that the returned check for a technical reason is written against it on the system in detail, and the owner of the check is notified of this, and the banks send it back for clearing again to collect it.

Ali stressed that banks also clarify this in their data sent to Al-Etihad Credit Bureau, and thus it does not affect the credit report of the dealer, whether he is a company or an individual.

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