Four academicians to promote key agricultural key technology research

  Our reporter Ma Aiping

  The Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing from December 28th to 29th.

General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech stressing that it is necessary to insist on self-reliance and self-reliance in agricultural science and technology, and accelerate the advancement of key agricultural technology research.

The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is the action plan and fundamental follow-up for the "three rural" work in the new development stage.

  What are the key agricultural technologies?

How to maintain self-reliance and self-reliance in agricultural science and technology, and accelerate the advancement of key agricultural technology research?

A reporter from Science and Technology Daily interviewed 4 academicians on the above issues.

Key agricultural technologies can be divided into three categories

  "From the current status and trends of world agricultural development, key agricultural technologies can be summarized into three categories: one is agricultural biotechnology represented by varieties, which is the basic core of agriculture; the other is agricultural sensors, big data and artificial intelligence. The agricultural information technology represented by agriculture can empower agriculture; the third is agricultural industrial technology represented by intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, which is a tool for modern agricultural production. The integration of the three technologies will promote the transformation of agricultural production and management methods and accelerate agricultural production. Quality development.” said Zhao Chunjiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Agricultural Information Engineering Research Center of Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.

  According to Luo Xiwen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of South China Agricultural University, key agricultural technologies include: animal and plant life information perception, big data and core algorithms of artificial intelligence; agricultural sensors, intelligent control equipment, autonomous operation robots and precision operation equipment; establishment of " Real-time perception, intelligent control, precise operation, and intelligent service" factory agricultural technology system realizes the autonomy of technical products and intelligent production management; Beidou-based agricultural machinery automatic navigation and precision operation technology, agricultural machinery equipment intelligent design technology, etc.

  "The development direction of agriculture in the future is: high and stable yield, high-quality nutrition, high efficiency and safety, and agricultural industrialization." Li Jiayang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and researcher at the Institute of Genetics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that my country's agricultural modernization has reached a new stage of accelerating the transformation of development mode. Relying more on science and technology to achieve innovation-driven, continuously provide a strong driving force for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural development, improve quality and efficiency, and plug agriculture with the wings of science and technology.

By making good use of biological breeding technology, the seed industry can catch up with the world's advanced level

  The development of agriculture in our country is facing major issues of who will plant the land and how to plant it well.

However, my country's agricultural core technology and industrialization are relatively low.

"For example, in the seed industry, the core technology of important genes and major varieties is insufficient; in the field of biological pesticides, traditional pesticides still occupy a major position; in terms of modern agricultural equipment, it lags far behind developed countries." Li Jiayang said.

  "Seeds are the core of high and stable yields, and the seed industry is the frontier of international technological competition." Li Jiayang pointed out that in China, the contribution rate of seed technology to agricultural production is about 40%, and there is still much room for improvement in its contribution to agricultural production. , The benefits of increasing production and income brought by fine seeds will become greater and greater.

  Zhu Jiankang, director of the Shanghai Plant Stress Biology Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician of the American Academy of Sciences, believes that the most important thing in biological breeding is gene editing technology, in addition to genome screening technology.

  "The most important thing is gene editing technology. The "14th Five-Year Plan" outlines "named" biological breeding. The country's layout is particularly good. With the use of biological breeding technology, our seed industry can catch up with the world's advanced level and solve the problem of agriculture. Facing the bottleneck problem." Zhu Jiankang said.

Fight the key core technology battle

  "To achieve the high-quality development of agriculture, improve efficiency and international competitiveness, we must adhere to the'four' aspects." Zhao Chunjiang said, first, for the long-term, strengthen the strategic layout of basic agricultural science and technology research, such as basic research on new germplasm resources, etc. ; The second is to target the key technologies of agricultural production for innovative research and development, such as agricultural big data, agricultural artificial intelligence, etc.; the third is to target the major needs and future development of agricultural production, and carry out technological integration innovations, such as smart agriculture and plant factories.

  In Luo Xiwen's view, to speed up breakthroughs in key core technologies, the focus is to fight the key core technologies.

  "It is necessary to persevere in strengthening basic research and strengthen the condensing of basic scientific issues from production practices. It is necessary to strengthen strategic scientific and technological forces, and establish a scientific and technological organization model of'top-level goal traction, major task driving, and basic capacity support'. It is necessary to enhance the technological innovation capabilities of enterprises and strengthen The mainstay status of enterprise innovation, to promote the concentration of various innovative elements to the enterprise. It is necessary to fully stimulate the innovation vitality of talents, and cultivate a reserve army of young scientific and technological talents with international competitiveness. It is necessary to improve the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism, improve the national scientific and technological governance system, and optimize the national scientific and technological planning system And operating mechanism." Luo Xiwen said.

  Luo Xiwen said that it is necessary to vigorously improve the science and technology innovation ecology, deepen the reform of science and technology evaluation, strengthen the construction of scientific research integrity, deepen the comprehensive science and technology open cooperation, and more actively integrate into the global innovation network with more open thinking and measures.