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government has decided to release 9.3 trillion won for small businesses and the underprivileged class affected by the corona re-proliferation.

Among them, KRW 4.1 trillion is directly provided in cash to small businesses in the form of disaster support funds.

Funds were raised by gathering the already reflected next year's budget, reserves, and this year's unexecuted budget, and cash payments start on the 11th of next month and are expected to end before the Lunar New Year holidays.

First, reporter Hwa Kang-yoon.

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government's quarantine measures have been strengthened, 11 businesses that are prohibited from collectively, such as singing practice, will receive 3 million won.

2 million won is supported for businesses that are restricted to groups such as restaurants, cafes, and PC cafes.

It is in the name of reducing the burden of fixed costs for small business owners such as rent, but even small business owners who do not pay the rent can receive it.

Even if it is not a prohibited or restricted business, small business owners with annual sales of 400 million won or less, whose sales decreased this year from last year, will receive 1 million won.

In this way, 2.4 trillion won is paid out in cash to 2.8 million people.

Payment is as soon as possible.

[Park Young-seon/Minister of Small and Medium Venture Businesses: Using the VAT report data enforced in January for about 2.4 million people in the existing New Hope Fund Support Database, so that 90% or more can be quickly paid before the Lunar New Year holidays...


Loan support is also expanded.

Businesses that are prohibited from collectively lend a total of KRW 1 trillion, up to 1.9% per year, and up to KRW 10 million, while those with limited collective loans provide KRW 3 trillion at an annual interest rate of 2-4% through credit guarantees.

Loan applications are expected to be available from around the 18th of next month.

The government also decided to increase the tax credit for income tax and corporate tax from 50% to 70% for so-called'good landlords' who voluntarily cut rents.

This benefit will be extended until next June.

From January to March next year, we have decided to postpone payment of electricity and gas bills for small businesses for three months and allow installment payments.

It has been decided to postpone payment of employment insurance premiums, industrial accident insurance premiums, and national pension insurance premiums for applicants for three months.

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