[Commentary] On December 28th, the 19th China Chagan Lake Ice-snow Fishing and Hunting Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Songyuan, Jilin.

In the traditional auction session held that day, the "head fish" that just came out of the net sold a sky-high price of 2999999 yuan.

  Chagan Lake is one of the ten largest freshwater lakes in China, located in Qianguoerluosi Mongolian Autonomous County, Jilin Province.

Winter fishing in Chagan Lake began in the Liao and Jin Dynasties. The manual methods such as ice-cutting, netting and horse-drawn winches have become the "living fossils" of the northern primitive fishing and hunting culture.

  At this year's winter catching scene, the ice gate, ice wall and various flags echoed each other.

The huge fish piles neatly placed on the ice are spectacular.

Near noon, the ceremony of "Sacrifice to the Lake·Wake Up the Net" began, and the tribal people prayed for blessings and collected the sacred fire in turn, showing the local heritage of the ancient fishing and hunting culture.

  The "head fish" caught are auspicious, and competition has been fierce over the years.

The starting price of this year's Chagan Lake "head fish" is 199999 yuan.

After multiple rounds of bidding, the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Jilin Province finally won the auction at a price of 2999999 yuan, which also set a record for the year.

  When the bidders picked up the "head fish" for display, the tourists rushed to the "head fish", touched the head of the fish, and took a group photo, hoping to win the favor.

  Reporter Lu Shengnan, Sun Boyan, Jilin Songyuan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】